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The Gastown Gazette
Gladys Magazine,
OM Times Magazine
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Welcome to Bullies Keep Out LLC…BKO is a social movement/campaign with passionate initiatives to prevent and put an end t ALL forms of bullying and hate! Here at BKO we want to meet every need. We also need your help to expand and grow and reach our many goals. We base our principles on one love and work as a unit. We hope you will find everything you need on our page to help you fight against bullying and support YOU in other arenas that are needed. BKO focuses on several areas of need not just limited to bullying. We support & advocate for several causes (i.e. equality, LGBT, domestic violence, suicide awareness, addiction, cancer…) and look to help in any way we possibly can. We offer everything from motivational & spiritual mentoring/coaching (in various arenas), helpful links, inspirational and motivational photos and videos, blogs, chats, forums for all communities (including adults, parents, and teachers), events, and BKO merchandise. BKO also offers bullying services to stop and prevent cyber bullying/harassment/stalking. If you are being bullied or have been in any way and would like to talk to a mentor please fill out one of our forms by clicking the “Start Here!” tab and someone will contact you ASAP. Please take time to read the About Us to see what our goals are. Be kind…LOVE BIG! xo

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