To Be A Bullied Celebrity or Not To Be…

Written by: Dana Jacoviello

Bullying, what constitutes bullying? What is an acceptable form? What is considered to be justifiable? The answer is simple. Listen carefully! There is no such thing. It does not exist. Human nature tells us to react in a way we feel is excusable because we want verification or to feel justified, or possibly part of something. It provides a power that is addictive in nature. Who doesn’t want power? People often get power and success confused. If you have success that means you have this innate power that others do not. Power does not equal success and success does not necessarily equal power. If you do have both, use them wisely as to not confuse them with the negative forms.

I bring up success and power because over the course of my time on social media I have seen a huge uprising in bullying, harassment, and just anger flooding the social media waves. The people getting attacked are public figures. It seems to be a growing trend these days. Bullying has no limits, and there is no reason people should not speak out against celebrity bullying as well as all other forms, which is what we believe in here at BKO. Groups get together and attack one another defending and bashing over what exactly? Taking sides and brutally going after people personally for no reason that is only creating more hostility that spreads like wildfire. It starts as this small opinion, which is fine, and turns into a brawl. It is as if two sides are trampling towards each other only to bash heads and get bloody. Nobody is truly gaining anything from it except for being popular for being a bully. This can’t be what anybody wants to be known for. It is not a cool thing to go around and say I told off so and so. That is a false sense of power or entitlement. Bragging rights don’t last long and it won’t get you noticed.

Celebrities consistently get ripped, whether it is on social media or in writing. The truth is this can’t all be stopped, but we here at BKO personally feel these matters should be kept private as much as possible and not aired for public knowledge all over the social media sites when it turns into bullying or harassment. What exactly does everybody know that they take such strong stances on? We believe we have all the answers that seem so simple both politically and for entertainment purposes. They are human beings who make human mistakes. They have human feelings and emotions. They go through some of the same turmoil as anybody else. They are not bionic because they have success, money, or are on our big screens. Nobody is. Unless you are personally friends with someone and know their back story, you are fighting a losing battle. Even if you are, again, why fuel a fire. Bantering back and forth over what is none of anybody’s business is pointless. It is sad because people are truly getting their feelings hurt or brought into something unbeknownst to them. You are not a fan of someone fine…so do not be a fan. You don’t like someone for whatever reason, so don’t.

That being said, going after them and calling them out is not the answer. What is the end game? Is it to feel better that you just trashed talked a public figure so now you have cool points? Don’t follow a celebrity to purposely attack them day in and day out. Public figures are not immune this form of negativity. In fact, in some cases might even be more prone to bullying. There is a mistaken notion that is comes with the job. No! What job comes with a declaration to be humiliated or bashed by people that know nothing about them? People make innocent jokes and play around, but that is not what I refer to here. I am referring to what seems to be rage. We all have our lives to live that come with all the same trials and tribulations. Public figures are not hidden super heroes. Yes they live different lives, but they are no different than you and me. Being human, that is. We all have the same emotions. We all need to make a living. We all need to have food on the table. We all need to have clothes on our backs. We all need a roof over our heads. We all share the same space. We all watch and listen to the same news and heartbreaking tragedies that occur, and we all mourn together in the same way.

There will always be sides, and not everything is as it seems on the surface. These beliefs that celebrities have different standards are a personal opinion, which again we all have a right to have. There is so much people do not know about each other yet find it acceptable to attack for no reason other than it is fun. For example, I recently saw a tweet calling a public figure a hideous name because they were excited about getting a new item. A person claimed they had no right to be excited because they were spoiled. It was as if they felt they have the money to buy whatever they want so that meant they could not be excited about something. I found that to be bothersome. It starts as this and becomes so much bigger. This is my point. We preach and teach about not bullying, but yet do not follow by example.

Let’s switch to another subject such as celebrities ripping on celebrities. This is not setting the best example to people, which is what people look up to public figures for. They look for guidance and understanding and compassion. Some even idolize. The fact we trash what a celebrity wears or how they look or put them in categories of A, B, C, or D is the same thing. Let’s trash talk about how a person looks or dresses and in another sentence discuss how bullying has become a serious epidemic. The media makes this seem like it is ok to do. It really shouldn’t be. I understand the next best story and journalism, but I don’t see either of these forms as good writing. It does not work that way. You can’t have it both ways. What you say behind closed doors is your business; however, when it becomes a public game is when it becomes an issue. Personal lives should be just that…personal. There is a major difference between friends cracking on friends or comedians making innocent jokes all in the name of good fun. I don’t feel I need to point out the difference. People rag on each other all the time, but when that ragging becomes very deep and personal and constant, is when it turns into bullying. YES, they are public figures, they are in the spotlight, and this is going to happen, but it does not HAVE to happen. It does not HAVE to be condoned for anybody. When a person consistently goes after a person or group of people, the situation has taken on new heights. Stand up, speak out, and reach out. We are here to help ALL and create change. Together we can make our voices heard.

Peace and love



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