PLEASE SIGN! No Words For This!

It is bad enough that bullying is such a serious epidemic all over the nation, but now children have to worry about adults in schools too? Not just adults…but a TEACHER!  This is one of the many reasons some schools have so many issues with bullying. ALL SCHOOLS need to have bullying programs. These programs should not just be once in a while or once a year. Schools need to regularly teach bullying prevention and intervention. There are so many outlets and tools to use and be creative with. I don’t understand how much has to happen until people start doing something big. This is how we think here at BKO. We think BIG! Another interesting thing to consider that the person who shared this with me mentioned is that teachers should be trained on bullying as well.

This is not just an issue with children and teenagers. I can’t stress enough on how bullying has no limits on age. There is no discrimination when it comes to bullying. The fact that a teacher is being accused of doing such horrendous thing is horrifying to hear. We need to all make sure this teacher no longer is allowed or able to teacher ANYWHERE. There is more than one victim in this situation and we need to speak out and stand up. Please sign and spread the word. Do whatever you can to get involved. Please join us, pledge, become a member, send us a PSA, or send us your story. Everything little thing counts and helps.

Here is another link to a national story:

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