You Are Enough: A Look Inside Conversion Therapy

Written by Kendall Jordan

Conversion therapy. You may or may not have heard the term before. Essentially, it’s a form of religious therapy that endeavours to change any non-heterosexual individual into a heterosexual, though it’s been widely discredited as a genuine therapeutic tool in recent years. It involves a series of intense, and usually shame inducing practices, and is incredibly damaging – to the point that it’s often referred to as spiritual abuse.

One case in Australia involved a young boy being subjected to multiple shock therapy sessions, where he was repeatedly told that his bisexuality made him defective and that this was his own fault; these “talk therapy” sessions were followed by a form of shock therapy, where the boy was asked a series of questions and shocked whenever the doctor was displeased with his answers.

This is just one story in a sea of thousands, across the world. It happens in multiple countries, though governments are finally recognizing the link between this practice and suicide in LGBTQ people who suffer through it. Though the US has banned conversion therapy in several states, Malta was the first European country to exercise a nation-wide ban, just last year.

Despite these efforts to end conversion therapy and it’s damaging effects on adolescents, many places are yet to initiate a ban and churches continue to engage in this false “therapy” in places all over the world. If you or anyone you know has been or is being subjected to these practices please reach out to someone in your support network, a youth centre, GP, LGBTQ community, or properly accredited therapist. You may need to hear this many times to believe it, but who you are is perfectly, uniquely you. Your gender and sexuality are not defects that need to be eradicated. You are valid and worthy and wonderful exactly as you are.




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