When Women Work Together!

Written by Jenn Sadai

I recently joined a local group of female entrepreneurs and I am beyond impressed by what they’ve already accomplished. In just a few short months, the organizer has united over 200 women from a variety of industries using only social media and her personal connections. She hosted an informal social at her house and has even planned an amazing sales opportunity for all group members at a local club. More importantly, she’s created an environment where women willingly and enthusiastically support one another.

That’s an amazing achievement!

Successful women working together shouldn’t be such a surprising occurrence, but sadly it’s not as common as I would like. In fact, prior to discovering my own success and rebuilding my self-esteem, I wasn’t very helpful towards other women. I let my jealousy and cattiness stop me from genuinely supporting women I viewed as competition. I didn’t want to help others because I was still struggling to love myself.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve completely changed my perspective. I want all women to succeed. Our world is still dominated by men and quite often, they are the ones who instigate our insecurities and encourage our competitiveness. It starts with teenage girls fighting over boys and grows into women assuming every other woman is out to steal our happiness.

The best way to demonstrate that women are just as capable and powerful as men is by breaking through the pettiness and joining forces. Every woman has their own definition of happiness and success. One woman’s treasure is quite often another woman’s trash. We all have different experiences and goals; therefore any comparison would be inaccurate and unnecessary.

My goal as an author is to empower women because too many women feel powerless. Statistics show women are more susceptible to physical and verbal abuse, eating disorders and anxiety. For many women, their confidence seems to depend more on other people’s opinions, rather than how they perceive themselves. I used to be an insecure people-pleaser and it resulted in both domestic abuse and workplace bullying. Now that I control my self-worth, I’m certain I won’t allow either situation to repeat itself.

Confidence Conquers All!

The key to women working together and sincerely supporting one another is confidence. If the women who are united feel they are equally valuable to the group, they will view it as collaboration rather than a competition. Confidence building can also be made even easier by working together. Compliment other women, acknowledge their achievements and cheer on their endeavors. If every woman makes an effort to empower one other woman, we’ll all have the confidence to succeed. The potential is limitless when women work together!


Jenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate who’s just crazy enough to think she can change the world. Jenn shares her stories of surviving domestic violence, depression, and workplace bullying in hopes that it will help others cope and heal. She is the author of Dark Confession of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee, and Cottage Cheese Thighs. Website

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