We’re at War with Ourselves

Written by Jenn Sadai

Our world is at war. We’re fighting each other on every front. From segregation and discrimination to racially targeted murders, from gender inequality to domestic violence, from religious activists to deadly terrorists, the battle grounds are spread worldwide. This is the reality of our world.

Every country feels they need to protect themselves from every other nationality. We’re told at a young age, we must fight to preserve our way of life, our freedom. Society has created this fear that the rest of the world, other races, other religions, want to convert us and we can’t allow it.

What if we reverse-engineer this problem?

Instead of arming ourselves and going on the attack, let’s dispel the fear that inspired it. Almost every battle begins with a fear of someone who’s different. We forget that as different as everyone may be on the outside, we’re all essentially the same. We’re all human beings doing our best to survive.

Let’s take homophobia as an example. People who target the LGBT community insist its not normal or acceptable to be gay, because theyre not. It scares them that others are living a life that`s so different from their own. They worry someone is going to force them into gay sex.

Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

The LGBT isn’t trying to recruit new members, they’re fighting for acceptance. Feminists are not trying to make men into women. Muslims are not trying to convert Catholics to Islam. Black America isn’t targeting White America, they’re playing defense. Regardless if you’re a rich white man, a poor lesbian woman or a refugee trying to escape devastation, everyone feels they are fighting for survival. It’s a cycle of fear and hate that has to be broken.

Let’s end the wars instead of inciting more fear. Let’s offer acceptance instead of raging war against anyone who doesn’t share the same views. If we allow people to live their own lives without discrimination or prejudice, maybe they won’t feel the need to fight for their rights.

I’m sure even I will be attacked for this article. I’ve had gun-enthusiasts, anti-feminists and Trump supporters try to bully me into changing my idealistic perspective. They try to insult my way of thinking as a way of justifying their own. I refuse to get sucked into a mudsling match. I let them have their opinion, hoping they will allow me the right to my own.

That’s a perfect example of the problem and the solution. We don’t want anyone else telling us how to think or act, so why do we think it’s acceptable to force our opinions on others. It’s time for all of us to put down our weapons and call a truce. I’ll let you be you, if you let me be me.


Permission to post by author Jenn Sadai

Jenn Guest WriterJenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate who’s just crazy enough to think she can change the world. Jenn shares her stories of surviving domestic violence, depression, and workplace bullying in hopes that it will help others cope and heal. She is the author of Dark Confession of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee, and Cottage Cheese Thighs. Website



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