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Please check out BKO aka Bullies Keep Out partners new web series on Blip TV Tubby Man: Hero of the Bullied starring veteran comedians/actors Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister. This is a new web series that premiered on 11/11/2013 and is set to take the internet by storm. I am proud and grateful to have partnered up with them, and please look for an appearance from myself in the near future in Tubby Man. The follow press release was written by Ken Burmeister. Look for much more collaboration and great things to come from both BKO and Tubby Man.

Be kind…always LOVE BIG! xo D


 You’re being bullied, you feel helpless and you don’t know what to do.  Wouldn’t it be just great if there were a hero of the bullied to come to your aid?  Well have no fear, TubbyMan is here……or at least he will be eventually….he’s not necessarily the fastest super-hero but he’ll make up for it.  That’s right, there is a new super-sized anti-bullying super-hero and his name is TubbyMan!  Actually his name is Mike, a meek 40 something under achiever who has been bullied his whole life and lives in a tiny apartment with his buddy & co-worker Henney.  However he turns into TubbyMan after this whole kinda weird workplace accident happens with some super-duper freaky energy drink infused Persian bed bugs that bit him while on the job at DeadBugz bed bug removal.  So that’s basically how he becomes the world’s first “Hero of the Bullied” as far as we know.  TubbyMan decides to use his new “Tubby Powers” for good, and just in time too as his big bully of a boss Buffalo Bob is making everyone under his employ miserable with his big bad bullying ways.  Oh yea, then Buffalo Bob finds out Mike’s tubby secret and he tries to bring the city to its knees with an army of super bed bugs that he controls.  It turns into this whole big thing that will all be explained in the new Blip TV web series “TubbyMan: Hero of the Bullied.” (www.SaveMeTubbyMan.com)

 Pretty cool show idea huh?  Well it was concocted a few years ago by veteran NYC actor/comedians Mike Bocchetti (TubbyMan) & Ken Burmeister (Buffalo Bob) via their production company Blasted Films.  Mike, who was bullied a lot as a child, wanted to make a show that dealt with bullying.  The seasoned performer and announcer for TV’s The Artie Lange Show stated, “I came up with the idea for TubbyMan with my great friend Ken Burmeister because I was always against being bullied and had been bullied in childhood and adulthood and I wanted to come up with a character who was far from perfect.  A character that people and kids could totally relate to because he was fat and unlike the traditional super- heroes.” 

 The two have partnered up with the anti-bullying group Bullies Keep Out (www.BulliesKeepOut.com) to try and get the message out.  “Bullying doesn’t just happen in the schoolyard, it happens every day in corporate America” states Burmeister.  “Adults are subjected to it every day and if they are bullying each other how can we expect them to set a good example for children?  Mike & I wanted to make a show that deals more with adult bullying.  We felt that Bullies Keep Out (#BKO) was the perfect partner for us since they also deal with adult bullying issues in the workplace and are a great resource for people of any age to turn to if they are having issues with bullying.”

 Dana Jacoviello, the founder & head of BKO discussed their partnership even further.  “I am very grateful for the partnership between Bullies Keep Out and TubbyMan.  I believe we will do great things and the fact that actor/comedians Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister are a part of it is even sweeter.  I look forward to a great and big future in the fight against bullying with two passionate and funny individuals.  I am a firm believer that making people laugh in life and integrating that, when appropriate, is vital.  I see this partnership as a perfect fit.”  Making the idea all fit perfectly together is the Emmy Award winning Director/Editor Jason Katz.  “I wanted to be involved in a very funny web series that promotes anti-bullying because even though I was never bullied, I did at one point weigh 280 pounds and since then have lost over a 100.  I saw how other kids growing up were picked on for being fat or simply different.  I just think we can turn a positive and funny spin on bullying and show that its possible for everyone to get along,” stated Katz.

 So in a nutshell WATCH OUT BULLIES!  With anti-bullying campaigns gaining steam across the world your time is running out.  We will probably have to deal with bullies in some form for the rest of our lives but if we can maybe help to show what a negative effect bullying can have (ahem Miami Dolphins) we can do our part to help a little.  TubbyMan is a step in that direction, so please feel free to check out “The Hero of the Bullied” as he’s coming to be known as every month on Blip TV.  Here is the link to their first episode and hopefully they’ll be a lot more to come.  http://blip.tv/tubbyman

 Press Release written by: Ken Burmeister

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