The Fight is Not Over

Written by Dana Jacoviello

I know many are feeling lost, hurt, angry, scared, upset, and a plethora of other emotions. No matter what the outcome from this election, it does not mean we stop fighting. We just do it harder. We do it with even more passion than we already had to begin with. The change that came about in the past, we all did that working together as friends and allies. We made our voices heard, and we can do it again.

If we choose to accept defeat, we choose to give up and give in. We need to take our fears and emotions and turn them into hope. We must double the work we have done to get where we are, and show that America is not backing down on any of our human rights. Whether it be women, men, children, or the LGBTQ community. We do have a say.

The truth is, so many did not care who ran our country. The numbers showed that. 46.6 % of Americans did not vote. Those votes could have made the difference. We have to work to make America care again. So many have lost hope and given up. This is an area we desperately need to work on.

The fight is not against each other or with each other. We need to join forces and hold hands. The fight is not just on social media. Bullying or spreading more hate is not the answer. Being constructive in what we can do as a country to prevent further inclusion is the answer. We have to continue to spread love and kindness. We are only giving more power to hate by not doing so. We must unite not divide. We need to build a bridge of love and hope and walk together towards building a future we want for future generations to feel safe, welcome, visible, and accepted.

This is not over. Not even close. Many are looking for inspiration and light during these times. We are here for you. We love all of you, and we are not giving up on any of you. We stand behind you. We have your back, and we do hear all the voices.

Let’s lead the way.


Founder and CEO of Bullies Keep Out

Dana Jacoviello


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