Long troubled by school bullying, Japan now eyes zero tolerance…

Japan schools are doing their best to take action. What do you think we can do here in the States to take better action and stop bullying? After months of relentless bullying at the hands of three classmates, 13-year-old Hiroki issued what must have seemed like an empty threat to his tormentors. “I’m going to die,” he told them in a text message. “You should die,” was their response. In the month before his death, verbal taunts escalated into punching {Read More}

Bullied middle schooler, 14, hangs herself from bleachers during class

The article below post by New York Daily news is exactly why this anti-bully prevention site Bullies Keep Out is so important to us. With your help we hope to raise enough awareness & support that we can put a stop to tragedies like this happening. An Indiana student hanged herself from her middle school’s bleachers during school hours because she was being bullied, her family says. Horrified classmates found Braylee Rice’s body Monday outside McCulloch Junior High School in {Read More}

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