Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right!

Written by Jenn Sadai I’m embarrassed to admit the horrific level of bullying that is happening in my own backyard. I’m from a relatively small city in Canada that only makes the national news when we do something awful. Our most recent shame was a viral video of teenagers verbally and physically abusing a nineteen year old woman with special needs. If you’re not aware of the video evidence of this particular bullying incident, it went viral due to the {Read More}

Nanny Debs Story!

Deborah Carroll aka Nanny Deb from Hit Show Nanny 911 Stands Up and Speaks Out for BKO! I was introduced to BKO via Twitter earlier this year and immediately wanted to become involved in some way. Bullying now is even more prevalent than it was when I was a teenage, and it doesn’t start or end in your teens. Children as young as four are teasing others, being unkind, and adults are using social media as a way to belittle {Read More}

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