Why Do We Need International Women’s Day?

Written by Jenn Sadai           We have the same rights and freedoms as men, right? We can vote, we can work in any industry, and there are laws in place to protect us from pay inequality and sexual harassment. On paper, things appear to be fair. Do you think it’s fair? Is it fair that my butt has been smacked or grabbed while serving drinks to rowdy men? Is it fair that the President of a {Read More}

Tubby Man Press Release

Please check out BKO aka Bullies Keep Out partners new web series on Blip TV Tubby Man: Hero of the Bullied starring veteran comedians/actors Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister. This is a new web series that premiered on 11/11/2013 and is set to take the internet by storm. I am proud and grateful to have partnered up with them, and please look for an appearance from myself in the near future in Tubby Man. The follow press release was written by {Read More}


CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR AND BULLYING ADVOCATE CARMEN M. COLON I recently had the pleasure to speak with friend and fellow bullying advocate Carmen M. Colon. Carmen is a mother of three amazing boys, who also happen to be active members in the LGBT  community along with herself. Carmen, as well as her boys have dealt with bullying in the past and have overcome. It is truly a positive story. Carmen has been dedicating her life to helping others and youth for {Read More}

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