Expectation, Society Standards, And Trigger Points

Written by Lara Antonia           You are allowed to have your own feelings. No one has the right to tell you, that you shouldn’t feel a certain way. Eating disorders, body positivity, and society standards are the main topics that dominant almost everyone’s life. Especially young girls get caught up in this whole size 0 generation nonsense too quickly. I would like to focus on the daily struggle, worries, and intolerance I must face on a {Read More}

Honoring History

Written by Jenn Sadai Our history is our greatest asset. It holds all mankind’s impressive achievements, as well as the biggest blunders and most shameful secrets from our past. It shows how our world has survived and progressed over time. The good and bad aspects of our history should always be studied and honored. That’s not the same thing as honoring historic individuals who contributed to the worst moments in our history. We can’t sweep the horrors of slavery under {Read More}

Emery Awards 2016 at Hetrick-Martin Institute

Recently, December 7th, 2016, Bullies Keep Out attended the 30th Annual Hetrick-Martin Institute Emery Awards at Cipriani Wall Street. The theme of this year’s event was Help us Imagine a better future for LGBTQ youth and the LGBTQ community. The awards celebrate the power of imagine and its leaders. Bob Harper, fitness expert and Host of The Biggest Loser, hosted the amazing event. The HMI Emery Awards honored Hollywood legend George Takei, Rob Smith, and Facebook. The night also consisted of {Read More}

If You Don’t Have Something Nice to Say…

Written by Jenn Sadai I find myself reciting those words, “Be the Bigger Person,” in my head quite often. So many people, especially on social media, are quick to judge and attack without warning. Although my intent is always to spread kindness, I am opinionated about politics and social issues that affect the world we live in. I openly share my thoughts on certain subjects and it’s never my intention to offend anyone who disagrees with me. However, having a {Read More}

TADA Theater: Educating on Bullying & LGBT Through Musicals

Recently Bullies Keep Out was invited to TADA Theater, which is a non-profit 501(c)3 youth theater company in NYC. We had the pleasure of watching one of their shows performed by youth ranging from as young as 8 to 18 to celebrate their 30 years. The show was titled ‘Up To You’ about school bullying and touched base on LGBT, a topic that I believe kids of today should be aware of. Up To You is an original Off-Broadway family {Read More}

2016 HRC Gala: Stronger Together

We recently attended the Human Rights Campaign Gala in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria on February 6th, 2016 for the second year in a row from Bullies Keep Out. The Human Rights Campaign is just one of the many other organizations I am a huge supporter of. Within my own campaign/movement, I advocate for many causes not limited to just bullying and hate, which consist of LGBT, equality, suicide awareness, domestic violence, addiction, mental health bullying, and so on. It {Read More}


Photo Courtesy of L.S. Gagnon Originally from California, L.S. Gagnon moved to Massachusetts to marry the love of her life. With little education, L.S. Gagnon worked in the fields most of her young adult life. Giving her mother a better life always gave her the drive to keep fighting to better herself. She escaped into her dreams from childhood, unknowingly giving her a peek at what she would be creating one day. When she lost her mother, her death sent {Read More}

Bullies Keep Out Bullying Assembly for U.E.S Elementary School Gallery with Doreen Taylor

Bullies Keep Out had the pleasure of not only speaking at our first bullying assembly at U.E.S. Elementary in New Jersey, but we also were able to partner up with one of our celebrity advocates Doreen Taylor (award-winning pop/adult contemporary singer-songwriter). Doreen is also a personal friend of mine as well who I adore, with her own heartbreaking story of bullying. Doreen is highly active in the cause and always willing to do what she can on her part. We {Read More}

Picking Up The Pieces

Anna Labor and Bellamy Young at Paley Fest   Like so many others I was bullied all through school, but it was middle school when it got really bad — all because of a rumor another girl decided to spread about me and a fellow friend. I never knew this girl very well ( I barely had any classes with her) but somehow she decided to spread a silly rumor and helped others make my life a living hell. Rumors {Read More}


 Kristen Speller of Love IS Foundation A Story of Domestic violence with the Phenomenal Woman Kristen Speller  Kristen Speller and her husband Marvin Speller created and established Love IS, a non-profit foundation providing health, wellness, and nutrition to the domestic violence community of the San Fernando Valley of California. It was created in 2012. The foundation was named after Kristen’s award winning song, Love IS, which was on the 54th National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Grammy Ballot for {Read More}

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