We Are All Human

Written by Lara Antoine           3 men walk into a bar; A Russian, an American, and a Mexican. They all order a beer and sit down to drink. The Russian drinks his beer first then throws it out the window. The bartender asked him “why did he throw out his beer?” The Russian said, “he had a lot of those in his country.” The Mexican drinks his beer and throws it out the window too. The {Read More}

Bulllying is No Laughing Matter with Mike Bocchetti

Actor, Comedian, Activist, and Bullies Keep Out Advocate Mike Bocchetti Mike Bocchetti is an individual who has not only made amazing gains in the entertainment industry through acting and being a comedian, who most know from the Artie Lang show, but what some might be pleasantly surprised to know is that he is also a big advocate for bullying in all forms. I was so happy to connect with Mike through Bullies Keep Out when him and his partner Ken {Read More}

Golden Magazine Presents The “Golden Runway”

  This is a MUST GO TO event if you are in NYC and also want to join the fight against bullying. Golden Magazine will be hosting the event. This fashion event will benefit fundraising for the STOP BULLYING PROJECT. The event will be full of fun, music, models, fashion, performances, and great people. Please get your tickets and come out. Bullies Keep Out will be attending, so look for pictures, videos, and article on the event. You can check {Read More}

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