The Fight For Marriage Equality In Australia

Written by Kendall Claire It surprises me when people from other countries express surprise about Australia’s lack of equality. There seems to be a general assumption from the rest of the world that, as a westernized country, we must also have equal rights for LGBTQ people – yet we don’t. The sad truth is, we have been fighting for our right to legally marry well beyond the change of law in countries like the U.S. and New Zealand. Somehow, as {Read More}

Does Trump Really Support The LGBTQ+ Community?

Written by Kristen Costa On November 8th (leading into November 9th), the world watched as Donald Trump was announced to be the 45th President of the United States. Since Trump’s ascension to President, the LGBTQ community has not been given any reason to believe that their worry hasn’t been warranted. In fact, it is just the opposite. Only hours after Trump’s inauguration, the LGBTQ page, amongst others, was removed from The White House website. Hopefully not an omen of what {Read More}

What’s Wrong With Being Political?

Written by Dana Jacoviello Political debate and healthy conversation used to be something that was not seen as a stigma. It was not deemed a horrible thing to do, and people were not so judged for doing so. It helps us get a better sense of self. Others listened to each other, but that is not to say there was still not chaos, bullying, and other hateful things going on in the world of politics. It has always been a {Read More}

Taking a Stand When It Matters

Written by Jenn Sadai The world is full of keyboard warriors and online activists hoping their voices will change the world. They tweet and post their missions, but may not have the courage to act when personally confronted with the problem. That’s normal. I was the same way until recently. It’s easy to preach what you know is right, but it is a lot scarier to actually act upon it. Recently, millions of women stood up for the rights of {Read More}

Woman vs Woman

Normally, I love social media and feel blessed to be a part of a positive and vocal worldwide community. In the past few years, I’ve met many strong and empowering women on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m inspired when I see these women supporting and encouraging one another. I was exceptionally proud of those who chose to get involved in the women’s march, because millions of women put outside their personal differences and agendas to support the universal rights of all {Read More}

What 2016 Taught Us

Written by Dana Jacoviello Many have been making comments for a while now on how 2016 was the most horrible year ever. Complaining about all the horrible things that happened and how we could not wait until it ended. I happened to see it in a much different light. Probably not going to be a majority rule, but all in all, many might not agree. Yes, it was a year filled with disappointment, but that is not all that we {Read More}

2016 HRC Gala: Stronger Together

We recently attended the Human Rights Campaign Gala in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria on February 6th, 2016 for the second year in a row from Bullies Keep Out. The Human Rights Campaign is just one of the many other organizations I am a huge supporter of. Within my own campaign/movement, I advocate for many causes not limited to just bullying and hate, which consist of LGBT, equality, suicide awareness, domestic violence, addiction, mental health bullying, and so on. It {Read More}

Starry Magazine Lends their Voice to Bullies Keep Out

Jamie Steinberg: Managing Editor of Starry Constellation Magazine and Supporter/Advocate to Bullies Keep Out   I had the pleasure of reciprocating an interview with one of Starry Constellation Magazines own Jamie Steinberg, the managing editor. Jamie and Lisa have an online magazine that features interviews with actors, actresses, and musicians. They have become great friends and graciously offered to become supporters and lend their voice to Bullies Keep Out. You can check out Starry Constellation Magazine out on Twitter at: {Read More}

HRC Gala 2015: EvolveGNY A Night of Creating Change

I recently attended the Human Rights Campaign Gala 2015 in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria last Saturday January 31 as the founder of Bullies Keep Out. I am a huge supporter of other campaigns, organizations, and companies that I whole heartedly stand behind. Within my own campaign/movement, I advocate for many causes not limited to just bullying and hate. Some of those are LGBT, equality, suicide awareness, domestic violence, addiction, and animal abuse. So this night was highly {Read More}

Serena Dyer Pisoni on Bullying…

Author, Advocate, Writer, and Bullies Keep Out Supporter Serena Dyer I recently had the pleasure of connecting with one of the most beautiful souls out there. After all, she comes from a prominent family of people changing lives, making a difference, and doing amazing work. Serena Dyer Pisoni, daughter of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who needs no introduction as we are all familiar with his work, Serena is following in the family footsteps. Serena is a south Florida native who loves {Read More}

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