Michael Raymond-James Stands Strong

Actor and Bullies Keep Out Advocate Michael Raymond-James Michael Raymond-James is not only an actor who has played memorable roles in popular shows such as True Blood and Once Upon a Time, but he is about so much more when it comes to causes and charity. In the few short moments of speaking with Michael on bullying and hate, it was evident how close to his heart this cause was along with advocating in general. It is amazing how we can read this {Read More}

Golden Magazine Presents The “Golden Runway”

  This is a MUST GO TO event if you are in NYC and also want to join the fight against bullying. Golden Magazine will be hosting the event. This fashion event will benefit fundraising for the STOP BULLYING PROJECT. The event will be full of fun, music, models, fashion, performances, and great people. Please get your tickets and come out. Bullies Keep Out will be attending, so look for pictures, videos, and article on the event. You can check {Read More}

Falling to Pieces through Comedy

About a week or so ago my friend Tommy Geraci and I went to the Kickstarter Film Festival in Brooklyn, but while we were enjoying the films, food, and atmosphere something amazing happened…we were approached by Cristina Marques about a film project called “Falling to Pieces” by Elisabeth Jamison and Chris Connolly. Soon after Elisabeth and Chris came over and we began to discuss the film and share a lovely conversation with these three incredible people. It is a short story about loss {Read More}

So Many Topics So Little Time With Tommy Geraci

Tommy Geraci: Advocate, Friend, and Supporter   You all have been introduced to my good friend Tommy Geraci before in a written interview about him as we discussed his advocacy and Socially Dvoted. This time we discussed life, bullying, cyber bullying, authenticity, television, film, and much more. Please listen as I promise you will enjoy every minute. Look for much more to come from Tommy and I…stay tuned for some big news and upcoming projects we have in the works. {Read More}

Creating Change Through Short Films

I have written about Joshua M. Ferguson and Florian Halbedl and their amazing work before. These two talented and beautiful souls and BKO supporters are making a mark in short film by directing, producing, and writing some incredible projects that signify hope, change, love, and awareness. They look to fight against discrimination and spread their love of cinema that sends a very strong message. They look to advocate by any means possible, and bringing a personal and in-depth film that viewers {Read More}

Whispers of Life by Joshua Ferguson and Florian Halbedl

I recently connected with two incredible individuals on an amazing path of advocacy for bullying and the LGBT community along with spreading messages of hope and love through their story and film Whispers of Life. Producer Joshua Ferguson and Director Florian Halbedl have created a short film titled Whispers of Life that I highly recommend everybody check out and support in any way you can. I have and so has BKO (Bullies Keep Out) They have also blessed me with their support. {Read More}

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