Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying (VIDEO)   LAKELAND, Fla. — A 12-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls and a sheriff said Thursday that he is investigating whether he can file charges under Florida’s new law that covers cyber-bullying. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped to her death on Monday at an old cement business in Lakeland, a city between {Read More}

Must watch! This brought tears to my eyes. R.I.P Amanda Todd

Bullied NY bus monitor creates foundation to teach kindness

It’s been a year since Karen Klein became known as the bullied bus monitor at the center of a 10-minute cellphone video that unleashed a flood of donations. At her upstate New York home in suburban Rochester, she reflected on the year since the taunts and threats she endured from four seventh-grade boys moved thousands of strangers to give her money for a vacation. More than $700,000 poured in. Now retired, Klein says she used $100,000 to seed the Karen {Read More}

Bullied Celebrities: Celebrities Speak Out Against Cyberbullying

  Sean Mathis/FilmMagic   Demi Lovato “At the end of the day, no one deserves to be bullied. I was bullied and I had to leave public school because of it. When you deal with bullies, I think it’s important to have a confidant in your life. I have a friend that I go to and I just vent about everything to her!”     Kendall Jenner “If I see something really nasty onTwitter, I will usually delete it or block the {Read More}

If you never seen this watch it now it is AMAZING!

Incredibly inspiring! Email us at BKO and tell us what inspires you and help you keep your head up when life gets you down. We would love to share your story!

BKO Is Here With A Mission!

Message from Founder and CEO of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello: What does BKO stand for? It stands for a cause I have recently began that advocates for many all forms of bullying and hate, LGBTQ, equality, domestic violence, suicide awareness, addiction, and mental health awareness. Bullies Keep Out is a social movement, and we need YOU to help us grow and expand to each out people worldwide. You do not have to be silent anymore. We are here to give you all of {Read More}

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