My Story by Anonymous

A Story Submitted by Anonymous with permission I wanted to share part of my story regarding my experience of bullying. At primary school I got bullied because I’m partly deaf. I used to have to wear hearing aids and a hat all the time. My bullies would take my hat off my head and knock my hearing aids out, call me names, and once pushed me in the local stream. Only one person ever stood up for me. I became {Read More}

Actress Crystal Lowe Speaks Out

Actress, Producer, and BKO Supporter Crystal Lowe Crystal Lowe is a Canadian born actress who at a young age began modeling competitions and has appeared on a variety of magazine covers. Crystal’s actress credits are numerous including Final Destination 3, Snakes on a Plan, Black Christmas remake, and much more. Crystal also has various credits in plays and is a fast-growing beauty in the entertainment world. Recently I was able to catch up with the wonderful Actress and Producer Crystal {Read More}

Moving On…

Forgiveness…Hope…Moving On I know some people believe that you can’t move on from forgiveness until you forget. This is simply not true. Take it from me. I have had to do my sharing of forgiving to move on from my past, and it was not an easy thing to do. I went into it not expecting to forget it, but to release my anger and be at peace. Forgiveness is for YOU, your heart, and your soul. You might not {Read More}


We often look for acceptance in all the wrong places. We look for it in strangers, in our friends, with our families, and even with our partners; however, we don’t look for it where it begins…within ourselves. How can you expect others to accept you if you do not even accept yourself? We might think we are in complete acceptance, but I often find there is a great deal of denial hiding that we are unaware of. Of course, I {Read More}

A Chat with Tubby Man’s Ken Burmeister

A Chat with Tubby Man’s Ken Burmeister BKO partnered up with Tubby Man creators and writers Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister. It is a new anti-bullying web series on Blip TV. Please listen to what it is all about and future plans and collaborations for them and with Bullies Keep Out. Ken an Mike are two veteran comedian and actors that I am sure you have all heard of who decided to advocate to this serious cause that is becoming an epidemic around {Read More}

Bullying in the Workplace

We get one chance at being a kid, but we get several chances at being an adult. As an adult we can consciously change who we are or how we act. We can do this at any time in our lives. It is called growing, but we can’t grow backwards. I often find that people are surprised that adults bully other adults whether it is in a relationship, with family and friends, or in the workplace. Does it really matter? {Read More}

Nina’s Story!

Nina has decided to be brave and courageous and share her story with Bullies Keep Out to get others to share theirs and let people know how serious bullying is! Please read and spread the word and awareness! If anybody would like to contact me to share their story you can do so through email at and you can also post it in the My Story section of the forum. MY STORY YOU KNOW GETTING BULLIED ISN’T ALL THAT {Read More}

Nanny Debs Story!

Deborah Carroll aka Nanny Deb from Hit Show Nanny 911 Stands Up and Speaks Out for BKO! I was introduced to BKO via Twitter earlier this year and immediately wanted to become involved in some way. Bullying now is even more prevalent than it was when I was a teenage, and it doesn’t start or end in your teens. Children as young as four are teasing others, being unkind, and adults are using social media as a way to belittle {Read More}

Saving Lives

Written by Founder and CEO Dana Jacoviello Well all have our stories and personal opinions on the subject of bullying and suicide, but we can all agree that we need to take action and try to do what we can to prevent and intervene. We need to step up and not just speak words. Bullying is not something to take be taken lightly as I have said so many times in the past. I know some take it as kids {Read More}

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