Meet the Face Behind Spirit Day

  I recently had the pleasure of connecting with a wonderful young woman named Brittany McMillan. I am not sure how many actually know this, but Brittany is the founder of Spirit Day for GLAAD. At such a young age she has created this day that goes viral every single year from celebrities to companies to anybody who wants to join and show their support. If you are on social media, then you see the impact this day has as {Read More}

My Story by Anonymous

A Story Submitted by Anonymous with permission I wanted to share part of my story regarding my experience of bullying. At primary school I got bullied because I’m partly deaf. I used to have to wear hearing aids and a hat all the time. My bullies would take my hat off my head and knock my hearing aids out, call me names, and once pushed me in the local stream. Only one person ever stood up for me. I became {Read More}

Tubby Man Press Release

Please check out BKO aka Bullies Keep Out partners new web series on Blip TV Tubby Man: Hero of the Bullied starring veteran comedians/actors Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister. This is a new web series that premiered on 11/11/2013 and is set to take the internet by storm. I am proud and grateful to have partnered up with them, and please look for an appearance from myself in the near future in Tubby Man. The follow press release was written by {Read More}

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying (VIDEO)   LAKELAND, Fla. — A 12-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls and a sheriff said Thursday that he is investigating whether he can file charges under Florida’s new law that covers cyber-bullying. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped to her death on Monday at an old cement business in Lakeland, a city between {Read More}

Proposal in Massachusetts targets bullying at work

BOSTON (AP) — A bill under consideration at the Statehouse would target bullying in the workplace. A legislative panel is scheduled to hear testimony on Tuesday on the proposed law that supporters call ‘‘The Healthy Workforce’’ bill. The measure would offer protections and legal recourse to workers who have been subject to bullying, abuse or other forms of harassment at work. While Massachusetts already prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, supporters of the bill say bullying and other forms of {Read More}

Bullied Celebrities: Celebrities Speak Out Against Cyberbullying

  Sean Mathis/FilmMagic   Demi Lovato “At the end of the day, no one deserves to be bullied. I was bullied and I had to leave public school because of it. When you deal with bullies, I think it’s important to have a confidant in your life. I have a friend that I go to and I just vent about everything to her!”     Kendall Jenner “If I see something really nasty onTwitter, I will usually delete it or block the {Read More}

Students work together to raise awareness on bullying!

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Students from Centennial High School are doing their part to raise awareness about the bullying issue here in Kern County. Students recently formed an organization letting people know that bullying is a serious issue and they’re using a hearse to drive that message to our community. Oksana Swen is getting a little help from her friends. “I came up with this organization to help me get through what I’ve been through. I’ve been bullied when I was {Read More}

Long troubled by school bullying, Japan now eyes zero tolerance…

Japan schools are doing their best to take action. What do you think we can do here in the States to take better action and stop bullying? After months of relentless bullying at the hands of three classmates, 13-year-old Hiroki issued what must have seemed like an empty threat to his tormentors. “I’m going to die,” he told them in a text message. “You should die,” was their response. In the month before his death, verbal taunts escalated into punching {Read More}

Bullied middle schooler, 14, hangs herself from bleachers during class

The article below post by New York Daily news is exactly why this anti-bully prevention site Bullies Keep Out is so important to us. With your help we hope to raise enough awareness & support that we can put a stop to tragedies like this happening. An Indiana student hanged herself from her middle school’s bleachers during school hours because she was being bullied, her family says. Horrified classmates found Braylee Rice’s body Monday outside McCulloch Junior High School in {Read More}

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