BKO Celebrity Activism Series: Clayne Crawford inspires us to #BeTheChange

Written by Stephanie Lapointe “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi The truth is that many of us are born into privilege in some way – whether it be geography, race, gender –  and we need to understand what that means not only for our own lives but how it impacts others in ways we may not even realize. Poverty, injustice and inequality won’t end unless those who have privilege begin to understand the {Read More}

6th Grader B. Wright Stands Up For the LGBTQ Community & Bullying In A Big Way: She Will Not Be Silenced

Written by B. Wright I am a 6th Grader living in Florida. Over the past few years I have personally noticed a recurring issue that is unfortunately affecting countless of innocent people who don’t deserve this treatment. I had originally started this letter with the intention to present it to my peer counseling class, which is an elective class that teaches us all about kindness, how to work together with others, and basically get along in a world where not {Read More}

Hayley Gripp Anti-bullying Advocate & Actress

Hayley Gripp Anti-bullying Advocate and Actress   YOU CAN FIND HAYLEY GRIPP ON SOCIAL MEDIA HERE: WEBSITE Twitter: @hayleygripp Instagram: @hayleygripp_official IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEND A LETTER OR SOMETHING TO HAYLEY GRIPP YOU CAN DO SO HERE: HAYLEY GRIPP PO BOX 1601 SIERRA MADRE, CALIFORNIA 91025 Hayley Gripp talks about bullying, her story, and gives has some amazing words of wisdom to those of you out there in need of support. She is an amazing individual. I urge {Read More}

Hayley Gripp: A Force on an Anti-bullying Mission

Anti-bullying Advocate, Actress, and Bullies Keep Out supporter Hayley Gripp Hayley Gripp is a force to be reckoned with in the anti-bullying world. She is a MAJOR advocate and ambassador in the anti-bullying world. Her advocacy resume is beyond impressive. Beyond what she does for such a great cause, she is also an actress, fashion model, and a jewelry designer. Hayley has had numerous roles in commercial, television, and movies. She can been in 8 commercials and has had roles {Read More}

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying

Rebecca Ann Sedwick, 12-Year-Old Florida Girl, Commits Suicide After Online Bullying (VIDEO)   LAKELAND, Fla. — A 12-year-old Florida girl committed suicide after she was bullied online by more than a dozen girls and a sheriff said Thursday that he is investigating whether he can file charges under Florida’s new law that covers cyber-bullying. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Rebecca Ann Sedwick jumped to her death on Monday at an old cement business in Lakeland, a city between {Read More}

If you never seen this watch it now it is AMAZING!

Incredibly inspiring! Email us at BKO and tell us what inspires you and help you keep your head up when life gets you down. We would love to share your story! bullieskeepout@gmail.com

Long troubled by school bullying, Japan now eyes zero tolerance…

Japan schools are doing their best to take action. What do you think we can do here in the States to take better action and stop bullying? After months of relentless bullying at the hands of three classmates, 13-year-old Hiroki issued what must have seemed like an empty threat to his tormentors. “I’m going to die,” he told them in a text message. “You should die,” was their response. In the month before his death, verbal taunts escalated into punching {Read More}

Bullied middle schooler, 14, hangs herself from bleachers during class

The article below post by New York Daily news is exactly why this anti-bully prevention site Bullies Keep Out is so important to us. With your help we hope to raise enough awareness & support that we can put a stop to tragedies like this happening. An Indiana student hanged herself from her middle school’s bleachers during school hours because she was being bullied, her family says. Horrified classmates found Braylee Rice’s body Monday outside McCulloch Junior High School in {Read More}

BKO Is Here With A Mission!

Message from Founder and CEO of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello: What does BKO stand for? It stands for a cause I have recently began that advocates for many all forms of bullying and hate, LGBTQ, equality, domestic violence, suicide awareness, addiction, and mental health awareness. Bullies Keep Out is a social movement, and we need YOU to help us grow and expand to each out people worldwide. You do not have to be silent anymore. We are here to give you all of {Read More}

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