Serena Dyer Pisoni on Bullying…

Author, Advocate, and BKO Supporter Serena Dyer

Author, Advocate, Writer, and Bullies Keep Out Supporter Serena Dyer

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with one of the most beautiful souls out there. After all, she comes from a prominent family of people changing lives, making a difference, and doing amazing work. Serena Dyer Pisoni, daughter of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, who needs no introduction as we are all familiar with his work, Serena is following in the family footsteps.

Serena is a south Florida native who loves to travel, experience adventures, and try new and exciting things. She is extremely passionate about causes such as human rights, human trafficking (which she just completed her Master’s degree at University of Miami in human trafficking), and recently became a supporter of Bullies Keep Out, which I am so grateful to have her on board.

Serena is currently traveling the globe and blogging, which you can find on her website She still indulges in her hobbies of cooking, reading, and working to combat her activism/advocacy work in human trafficking:, and spending time with her big family of seven brothers and sisters.

Serena recently co-authored a book with her father Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled “Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You”, which was released in June of 2014. I for one can’t wait to read this, and I suggest you pick up a copy yourself. The entire Dyer family is completely amazing beyond words. Check out the book here: Amazon


At the end of this interview you will also be congratulating Serena on a special occasion that recently took place for her.

Now that you have gotten to know the woman behind her wonderful work a bit and enjoyed it as much as I did, please check out her interview below and advice on the serious epidemic of bullying and hate. She provides some great insight and suggestions.

Dana Jacoviello: It seems that cyber bullying and offline bullying are so intense these days to where it even turns into cyber stalking or harassment. Have you personally ever had to deal with this issue or anybody that you know?

Serena Dyer Pisoni: I had a situation recently where I found a bunch of negative comments about my appearance as well as my writing ability on a website and it crushed me at first. I felt so hurt and then felt even worse because I felt like I knew better than to let what other people think of me hurt me in the first place. I realized that I had never gone online and wrote negative comments about someone nor would I, so what they wrote about me said a lot about them and nothing about me. They didn’t even know me and even if they did, the message they were sending showed what was inside of them, not me!

DJ: Recently I have been talking with friends on the statement “fake it till you make it”. I used to very much believe in this myself until recently. I feel that we can’t actually own anything if we are pretending to be something we are not or faking emotions. We might forget what it is to feel the real happiness and joy. So many people talk about being authentic and honest when going through life and struggles, so as this pertains to anything not just bullying, how do you feel about that phrase and actually embracing it? Do you agree with it to get you through hard times?

SDP: I don’t usually use the phrase “fake it till you make it.” I prefer to follow what Einstein was getting at when he said “Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” Rather than faking your success, use your imagination to picture everything you would like to have happen in your life and then feel it in your body as if it were happening now. I believe everything is energy, including our thoughts, so placing into our imagination what we would like to have happen in our lives doesn’t just mean we are day dreaming, instead, we are making ourselves a vibrational match to what it is we would like to manifest.

DJ: If you had to give advice to someone who came to you about being bullies or struggling with hate such as they do at times in the LGBT community, what would you say?

SDP: I would say that who you are is a perfect creation of God’s. There is only one you and you were made to be you for a reason. Love yourself, treasure your own divinity, know how loved you are. When you have love for yourself, love is all you have to give away. The person who bullies you or hurts you does so because they don’t have enough love for themselves to begin with. If they did, they wouldn’t have any hate or abuse to give away. Send them extra love too- you are strong enough to love them even though they can’t love themselves.

DJ: I know you recently got married. A big congratulations on your recent nuptials. What are your future plans and projects going from here?

SDP: Thank you! My future plans are to expand my family, travel, write, and continue to learn as much as I can!

DJ: Where can people find you on social media and buy your recent book?

SDP: I am on Facebook and Website. My book is on Amazon as well as my website!

Interview with Founder of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello

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