Nanny Deb Talks Bullyling


Deborah Carroll who was born and raised in North Wales, Great Britain and has been a Nanny for over 30 years. All of you know Nanny Deb from the hit FOX television show Nanny 911 for four seasons and appeared as a Parenting expert on shows such as The Montel Williams show and Jane Pauley as well as Fox Morning shows and various radio stations such as KZLA, Radio Disney. Deborah is also the co- Author of Nanny 911 Expert advice for all your parenting emergencies by Harper collins she is featured in WILLPOWER by psychologist Roy F. Baumeister  and has also worked with Parents connect online.

Nanny Deb continues to work with families as a nanny, is currently working on setting up her website,, a community for parents, nannies and kids alike to share tips and ask advice and is currently a patron for the UK help group S.I.S.N.M helping people suffering with mental illness. She is a proud supporter of Bullies Keep Out and an advocate for children worldwide.

You can also check out Nanny Deb’s story in our forum under My Story

Deborah Carroll aka Nanny Deb from the hit show Nanny 911

Deborah Carroll aka Nanny Deb from the hit show Nanny 911


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