Celebrity Activism Series: A Beacon of Hope – Lana Parrilla Shows Us The Power Of Never Giving Up

Written by Stephanie Lapointe “If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going”   When it seemed hopeless for Britain during World War II as Germany was continually gaining ground, Winston Churchill delivered a speech to inspire a military and public losing hope. His key message was simple: when it feels like we can’t keep going, that’s the time to fight harder. There is some debate whether he said the above quote, but it perfectly summarized the message he sent to Britain {Read More}

A Healing Home For Victims Of Bullying

Written by guest blogger Alejandra Roca Photo by Pixabay   With about 21 percent of US students aged 12-18 being bullied, it’s no surprise that bullying, both in schools and online, has grown into a national epidemic. The National Education Association states that more than 160,000 kids avoid school due to bullying, which just shows how devastating and traumatic this situation can be on your child’s emotional and physical well-being. A study from the University of Washington School of Medicine {Read More}

Celebrity Activism Series: Stand Up. Step in. Michael Raymond-James Fights Darkness With Love

“I often cry for people who I think (rightly or wrongly) feel that no one will cry for them.” – Michael Raymond James, Bullies Keep Out Interview (2014) Written by Stephanie Lapointe   It’s safe to say everyone’s life has been touched by bullying in some way whether it was as a bystander, a target or even as the bully ourselves. It’s a ubiquitous issue that knows no borders, has no specific language and is commonly understood across all continents. {Read More}

Emmanuelle Vaugier Takes On Bullying

Interview by Dana Jacoviello     First of all Emmanuelle, I wanted to thank you so much for being an advocate and friend here at Bullies Keep Out, and just being an incredible activist in general. We are so glad to have you part of what we do.   Dana Jacoviello: A common notion is that everybody has been on the receiving end of a bully, or has even been one, at one time in their life; however, I have {Read More}

Pride Month: Let’s Talk About Bisexual Erasure

Written by Brittany Brown           LGBTQ: This has become the universal moniker by which we identify our queer community. Most of us already know what each of the letters in this abbreviation means and can mindlessly rattle them off with little to no difficulty. But, do we properly recognize the value of the individuals in each of these subsets? Bisexual Erasure is a topic that has gained momentum and cropped up over forums and online communities {Read More}

BKO Celebrity Activism Series: Sean Maguire Stands Up And Happens to Things

Written by Stephanie Lapointe “It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” ― Leonardo da Vinci   We’re currently living in a challenging political climate where sitting back and being an observer is no longer an option. With the popularity of social media and blogging, more diverse experiences are being shared and we’re quickly learning of the breadth of injustice in {Read More}

Judging: Why We Could All Do Better

Written by Lara Antonia   Many people think College is like High School, just worse. They are right. People attempt to become even more competitive. Our species don’t give compliments easily, and most of us want to be in the spotlight 24/7. It’s exhausting and tiring, I can tell this much. As humans, we have this natural love, passion, and fire inside of us. We are constantly trying to find the one thing that is going to make us happy {Read More}

Why Do We Need International Women’s Day?

Written by Jenn Sadai           We have the same rights and freedoms as men, right? We can vote, we can work in any industry, and there are laws in place to protect us from pay inequality and sexual harassment. On paper, things appear to be fair. Do you think it’s fair? Is it fair that my butt has been smacked or grabbed while serving drinks to rowdy men? Is it fair that the President of a {Read More}

How To Manipulate The World

Written by Jenn Sadai           I’m a survivor of domestic violence and an active advocate for victims of abuse. I’ve researched narcissists thoroughly and understand the games they play. I think that’s why I’m so passionate about exposing the manipulative games being played by one of the most influential leaders in the world. For those who don’t already realize it, Donald Trump is a narcissist. Gaslighting is the most common and damaging trait of a narcissist. {Read More}

You Are Enough: A Look Inside Conversion Therapy

Written by Kendall Jordan Conversion therapy. You may or may not have heard the term before. Essentially, it’s a form of religious therapy that endeavours to change any non-heterosexual individual into a heterosexual, though it’s been widely discredited as a genuine therapeutic tool in recent years. It involves a series of intense, and usually shame inducing practices, and is incredibly damaging – to the point that it’s often referred to as spiritual abuse. One case in Australia involved a young {Read More}

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