Music Artist Doreen Taylor’s Personal Triumph

International award winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist, and BKO supporter Doreen Taylor

International award winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist, and BKO supporter Doreen Taylor

I have recently had the pleasure of connecting with an amazing and talented individual. Her name is Doreen Taylor. If you are not familiar with Doreen, by some odd chance, you will be now. Doreen is not only a bullying survivor, but she is also a well accomplished international award winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist. Doreen Taylor has been featured on both television and many times in print or online media. I had the pleasure of connecting with Doreen through a mutual friend and another music artist that I have done interviews with in the past who is also a BKO supporter. Doreen’s music and words tell a story all by itself. Doreen represents strength in having been through bullying herself and having come out as strong as she has. She is living her dream, so she is living proof that you can overcome bullying and reach your goals. Nothing can stop you. She stood up and she spoke out. Doreen is a great example of how not to let bullying destroy you. Her music emanates her compassion and love.

Doreen has recently become one of BKO’s aka Bullies Keep Out supporters. We are very grateful and appreciate her contribution and for working with us. We are proud to welcome her and have her on our team. There are those people that you can learn from and that lead by example. Doreen Taylor is definitely one of those people. She shows it through her personality and how she treats her fans. I am very glad to have connected with Doreen Taylor and get to know her a bit better.

In introducing you to Doreen and to learn more about her, I decided to delve a bit deeper and get her very personal take on the serious issue of bullying.

Q. Why are you so passionate about this organization?

A. I am a bullying survivor and it is very important to me to let others know that you don’t have to let it rip you down and win. I am living proof that it can fuel you to do great things and rise above the pain. It is very important for me to let others know that bullying does not have to destroy you.

Q. Why do you feel it is so important to give back?

A. All we have on this earth is each other and if we can help those along the way, then I truly believe the world could be a better place. That may sound so cliché or “beauty pageant” to people, but it is the truth. I choose to teach by example and I hope by spreading my message to others through my music, my time, my name, or my money, I may be able to encourage others to do the same. So many search their entire lives for the “meaning of life” and to me, I know that is all about making this world a better place while we are here and making a difference. Live the Golden Rule.

Q. Besides performing as a singer what other hobbies do you enjoy?

A. I love songwriting, playing piano, traveling, shopping, fine dining, art, fashion and sports (watching and playing). To be honest, there isn’t a whole lot that I don’t enjoy and I will always try something once. How are you ever going to know you like (or don’t like) something unless you really try it.

Q. What is your feeling on the bullying situation?

A. It is a global epidemic that isn’t just limited to children and young teens (although so many think that it is). Bullying can continue throughout adulthood and in some cases, entire lives. For as long as there will be people who are “different” there will be bullying. We need to do our best to show those that are going through it they are not alone and that there are others ready to help, listen and support. The best way to overcome is to never have to do it alone.

Q. Do you know anybody else who has ever been bullied?

A. Yes. I actually was the person who will go out of their way to defend someone that maybe cannot defend themselves. The only time I have ever gotten into truly heated battles in my life has been when I have been defending others from it. I cannot stand to see others pick on any one else because of unfounded reasons. I will not tolerate it.

Q. Have you ever had experience of harassment on or off social media?

A. Of course! I have countless videos, interviews, press, pictures, etc all over the internet and for every 1000 awesome supporters; there will always be one or two that are deliberately hurtful or downright cruel. That is life and I have learned to just accept that you are never going to please everyone all the time. There will always be people who are jealous, or who can’t understand creativity and/or being different- those people will never go away. You just have to rise above them and never let it bring you down.

Q. Do you have any advice or wisdom to share about bullying?

A. Don’t keep quiet. Tell your teachers, tell your parents, tell your best friend, tell your coach…it doesn’t matter, bullying is a silent epidemic where the bully relies on the fear they inflict to keep their victim quiet. There are wonderful organizations like “Bullies Keep Out (BKO)” that help those that are bullied understand they are not alone and they do not have to suffer in silence. Bullies only bully so they can rip down the spirit of the person they are picking on. If you rise above it you will always soar. If you are physically being hurt, then you MUST report it immediately. This is unacceptable and there is no gray area. That cannot continue.

Q. Many have lost their life for being of diff race color religion sexual orientation…what are your thoughts and feelings?

A. No one deserves to die because of their views, beliefs or god-given traits. As long as they are not hurting others, ever person deserves to live their life in the way that makes them happy. This is non-negotiable. Never, ever…EVER is it acceptable or right.

Q. Do you support LGBT?

A. Being a member of the arts and performing on and off Broadway for many years, I have had many friends who have lived alternative lifestyles and I love each and every one of them. Again, everyone is entitled to live on this planet and be happy as long as they are not hurting others. I support individuality, freedom of expression, love and happiness. I don’t want others telling me how to live my life….who am I to dictate how others live theirs? Live, love and laugh! That is my motto!

You can find Doreen Taylor and her music on the following sites:!/doreentaylorfanpage

Also please check out Doreen’s PSA as a BKO supporter, which you can also find on our site under the supporters page.

I want to thank Doreen Taylor for her time. It was an awesome experience to delve into this arena with her that so desperately needs attention. Her video is just pure beauty. I suggest you check it out on our supporters/activist page and share it as much as possible. It will really touch a cord. Doreen Taylor is one of those people you want to connect with through her music as she not only rocks it but is kind, sincere and genuine. It makes her music that much more amazing. Every voice counts and will be heard. Again, please check out Doreen’s video on our site or our YouTube channel at Stand up and speak out. #Bullieskeepout #BKO #Antibullying

Please look for more amazing interviews with an incredible line up that BKO has for you including more videos and photos.

Interview by Dana Jacoviello, Creator, Manager, and writer of BKO. Dana also works as a motivational and spiritual mentor/coach.

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