Supportive Links

Here are some useful and helpful links to organizations, campaigns, and blogs that Bullies Keep Out recommends and supports:


tmWebsite – NOH8

A worldwide campaign fighting for equality and taking a stand against bullying and discrimination. Founders Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley




untitledWebsite – The Trevor Project

Leading national organization providing crisis and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth. 866-488-7386




HRCWebsite – HRC (Human Rights Campaign)

America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve LGBT equality





The Voice of Acceptance. GLAAD aims to rewrite the script on LGBT acceptance.




untitledWebsite GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network)

Ensuring safe and affirming school for all students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identify/expression since 1990



AllOut_logo_onwhite_squareWebsite – All Out

Building a world where no person has to sacrifice their family or freedom, safety or dignity because of who they are or who they love.






 WebsiteThe Last Word with D (Your NYC Source)
Website that also features Entertainment news, advocacy, activism, charity, interviews, motivational/inspirational articles, and more


Whispers of life

WebsiteWhispers of Life (Short Film)

 Whispers of Life is a short film by film makers Joshua M. Ferguson
Description: After a gay teen is threatened by bullies, a stranger steps into his life and actively uses the power of imagination to challenges his thoughts of suicide.





WebsiteThe Bully Project

A film about the year in the life of the bullying crisis.






Face Forward LAWebsiteFaceForward

Face Forward provides pro bono reconstructive surgery & emotional support to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking & other cruel acts of crime.




Gerard Marrone

Gerard Marrone is one of New York City’s most popular criminal defense attorney’s and a hard-working and multi talented actor and producer known for docu-style reality series ‘The Street Attorney’, ‘A Wound in Time, ‘Check Point’, and ‘Good Friday’. He is also involved in his project Isopure Protein Company, a member of The Punishers, and an extreme activist and advocate for bullying.




Picture Credit: Alfonso Arnold

Picture Credit: Alfonso Arnold

Myriam Laroche
Former President & Founder of Eco Fashion Week, Myriam Laroche is passionate about a sustainable future for the Fashion industry by minimizing harm to the earth’s biodiversity. Her extensive experience in the fashion industry from buying to product development and eco-sustainability has allowed her to speak at events. She is a mentor at the Forum For Women Entrepreneur (FEW) and at a product development class focused on the circular economy at Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business.

WebsiteHayley Gripp: Anti-bullying Advocate, Actress, & Supporter





Director, Producer, and Bullies Keep Out Advocate David Rodriguez

Director, Producer, and Bullies Keep Out Advocate David Rodriguez

David Rodriguez is a multi-faceted diverse television and feature film director whose growing list of credits include OUTSIDERS, CHICAGO MED, CHICAGO P.D., GAME OF SILENCE, QUEEN OF THE SOUTH and SCANDAL and feature films PUSH, AMERICAN BULLY and ONCE UPON A TIME IN QUEENS.

In 2003, David began writing, directing and producing his first feature film, PUSH, which starred Chad Lindberg, Otto Sanchez, Paul BenVictor and Chazz Palminteri. The film was released by ContentFilm in 2006.

In 2007, David was moved by our countries post 9/11 media proliferation and in 2008, he co-wrote, produced and directed the acclaimed and disturbing feature film, AMERICAN BULLY (f.k.a. Anytown) starring Matt O’Leary, Marshall Allman, John Savage and Natasha Henstridge. The film won several awards and garnered positive credible reviews with one from Variety comparing the film to some of Michael Haneke’s more grueling and tense films. AMERICAN BULLY is now available on DVD nationwide.

In late 2010, David wrote, produced and directed his first TV pilot presentation and dramatic law enforcement project, THE BLUE WALL, starring Carlos Bernard, Paul Ben-Victor, Otto Sanchez and Hassan Johnson. The project was Executive Produced by veteran television director / executive producer, Deran Sarafian.

In 2012, David wrote, produced and directed ONCE UPON A TIME IN QUEENS, his third feature film. The screenplay tells the story of a New York mafia capo and his inability to function in today’s society after serving 20 plus years in prison. Principal photography took place in Queens, NY and the film enjoyed genuine and heart-felt performances from every member of its distinguished cast which includes, Paul Sorvino, Renee Props, Michael Rapaport, Steven Bauer and Chazz Palminteri, to name only part of this talented and dedicated ensemble. QUEENS premiered at the 2013 Seattle International Film Festival where it garnered rave reviews. In 2014, David received special recognition from the Producer’s Guild of America for his work on QUEENS. The film was acquired by Lionsgate and opened with a limited theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles in 2014.

David was born and raised in the Bronx and Long Island. He graduated from the historic New York Military Academy and spent some time as a corrections and law enforcement officer in South Florida. David now lives in Los Angeles, he is a member of the Director’s Guild of America and has served on the Western Director’s Council and as co-chair of the DGA Latino Steering Committee.

IMG_0380 WebsiteBullies and Friends 
Bullies And Friends feature-length Documentary (100 minutes) is the critically-acclaimed Documentary Film on bullying, slated for worldwide release. It profiles various bullying incidents, while focusing on the powerful true story of a 14 year-old girl named Dawn-Marie, who after being bullied and threatened with death by three girls at her high school, committed suicide. In the note she left behind, she named the three girls.
IMG_0384The incident sparked a landmark investigation that uncovered a subculture of girl bullying, and led to the precedent setting court case,where for the first time in North America, teens were made to stand trial for bullying.



WebsiteStop Bullying Government site
WebsitePacer National Bullying Prevention Center
Website– The Daily Love with Mastin Kipp




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