Let The Haters Go!

Written by Jenn Sadai



I’m writing this article as much for myself as it is for everyone else. I have haters who sometimes get inside my head and wreak havoc. I used to spend so much time thinking about the people who were rooting for my failure and I wasn’t focused on all of the people who were cheering for my success. 

The happier I am and the more successful I become, the more my haters try to take me down. I even had a former friend give my first book a horrible review, which luckily contradicted all the other positive reviews from legitimate reviewers. I knew her opinion stemmed from jealousy and I didn’t retaliate in any way. 

I’ve learned how to rationalize their behavior and reassure myself that their anger is not really with me. People who are unhappy with their own lives have a hard time celebrating other people’s good fortune. They view life as a competition with only one winner. It’s not healthy and far from true.

We Can ALL Win

It’s easier for me to let the haters go, now that I’ve met so many “lovers!” If you surround yourself with happy people who truly love their life, you quickly realize that we all deserve to win. There’s no need to be bitter or envious. Everyone has their own journey.  


Jenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate who’s just crazy enough to think she can change the world. Jenn shares her stories of surviving domestic violence, depression, and workplace bullying in hopes that it will help others cope and heal. She is the author of Dark Confession of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee, and Cottage Cheese Thighs. Website


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