A Chat About Fandoms, Ships, & Much More

A chat about bullying, causes, support, Once Upon A Time, Fandoms, Ships, and much more with the initiative/project/campaign Ugly Ducklings, Inc.

Both Marie and Erin are the co-founders of Ugly Ducklings Inc. Erin is very passionate about helping young girls and women to discover their true worth, as well as being in charge of the products.

Marie is the one behind the UDucklingsInc. Twitter account and the creative process of the movement. Part of the profits of their products go to Mental Fitness, Inc., which is a non-profit they work with.

It was great chatting with these two women and everybody knows how I love connecting with like-minded individuals and working with them. We are out there to live a life of service and help in any way we can. Please check them out and enjoy the podcast.

Note: It is a bit longer than I usually do, but you won’t be sorry listening to what we have to say. 😉

You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Uglyducklingsinc

Twitter: @UDucklingsInc / Personal Twitter Accounts of Founders: @erinjcruz @Ouaterbox

Website: www.uglyducklingsinc.com

Be kind…LOVE BIG!


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