A Chat with Tubby Man’s Ken Burmeister

A Chat with Tubby Man’s Ken Burmeister

BKO partnered up with Tubby Man creators and writers Mike Bocchetti and Ken Burmeister. It is a new anti-bullying web series on Blip TV. Please listen to what it is all about and future plans and collaborations for them and with Bullies Keep Out.

Ken an Mike are two veteran comedian and actors that I am sure you have all heard of who decided to advocate to this serious cause that is becoming an epidemic around the world. You can also follow Mike and Ken personally on Twitter: @burmafett and @MIKEBOCCHETTI

You can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tubbyman.webseries

Twitter: @Tubby_Man

Website: www.savemetubbyman.com

I noticed I might not have been completely on my game during this podcast as I repeated many words over and over. So hopefully you guys will also get a laugh out of that. These podcasts are for motivation, inspiration, and fun. I WANT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH even when talking about serious subjects. 🙂

Be kind…LOVE BIG


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