Kali Hawk: One Act of Kindness at a Time


Actress Kali Hawk

Actress Kali Hawk


Most know actress Kali Hawk as Trudy from the movie Couples Retreat, Kahlua from the movie Bridesmaids, Shelby on New Girl, Maggie from Black Jesus, and much more coming up. We are all very familiar with these roles from Kali. I know I am, but something that stands out even more than her resume is the beauty of what she is doing behind the scenes.

I recently came across her project on indiegogo and in her words she is “working to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations, through service and education” – @KaliHawk via Twitter. This is an amazing cause and project that I would like to introduce you all to as you all know BKO encompasses, advocates, and promotes many causes.

Kali is partnering with BuildOn to break ground on a school for children in Malawi, Africa.


They have big plans and you can read all about it on the site, which when you donate also offers some amazing and fun perks/rewards for your donation. They go up to $1500 and just get better. This is your chance to do something amazing with your money. When we give back to projects and causes only then we can create change. There are so many people in need and our hearts should be open year round, but especially around the holidays. I know it makes me feel good when I can help and make a difference. Any amount helps, but there are other ways to help share this campaign. You can go on Twitter and tweet the link, RT others, Share links on your social media sites, and spread awareness. It isn’t always about huge donations, but getting others to read and educate on what is going on around the world and how we can help. This is how we can help them reach their goal, but by all means, if you can make a generous donation we will all be a part of something incredible. Let’s help Kali make this happen for the kids and to give them what they deserve. We have so much at our disposal that at times we take for granted when so many out there are in need of the essentials that are a given for others. Only when we get involved can we change the world one person and one act of kindness at a time. This is what Kali Hawk is about doing when she is not on your screens.



Here is the website to donate and share and also where you can find Kali Hawk on social media:


Twitter: @KaliHawk


Instagram The Kali Hawk Foundation

Again, please considering doing all that you can and help Kali re-invent philanthropy one random act of kindness at a time.

Written by Writer/Interviewer and Founder, Manager, Cyber Bully Investigator, Mentor/Coach, and Host of La Bella Vita Podcast of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello

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