I Just Need To Pee!

Written by Jenn Sadai

Public fear over allowing transgender individuals to use the washroom they identify with is completely unfounded. In fact, according to the Human Rights Campaign, the American Civil Liberties Union and National Center for Transgender Equality, there is no statistical evidence of Transgender individuals participating in any harassment or violence in public washrooms.

On the other hand, there are many reported incidents of transgender people being physically and sexually assaulted in public washrooms. Throughout history, homosexual and transgender people have been targeted and harassed for simply being true to themselves. They may occasionally fight back when attacked, but they are less likely to bully or belittle others since they can sympathize with the pain it causes. They only want to pee in peace without being questioned or discriminated against.

Here’s six simple questions that you should ask yourself before coming to your own conclusion on this issue.

How many times have you used a public washroom and were harassed by another person?

How many times has a transgender person harassed you without provocation?

How many reports of transgender people terrorizing others can you find online?

Now, let’s flip the coin to the other side.

How many times has a transgender person been harassed in a public washroom?

How many times has a transgender person been harassed without provocation?

How many reports of transgender people being terrorized can you find online?

There is no legitimate reason to fear someone who is transgender. Despite what some may think, they are not sexual predators. The truth behind why people are freaking out over this issue is that transgender individuals make unenlightened people uncomfortable. We live in a society that struggles to accept what we cannot understand. Only 1-2% of the population identifies as being transgender and it’s a relatively new topic in mainstream media.

We should be more concerned with what would happen if we don’t allow transgender people to use the washroom that matches their gender identity. It would be a lot more alarming if a fully transitioned-transitioned man enters a woman’s washroom just because he was labelled a female at birth. Or what would be the odds that a transgender woman wouldn’t be harassed if she walked into a men’s washroom wearing a dress?

The heart of the matter is that the majority of men, women and transgender people who use a public restroom are doing so because they need to go to the bathroom. There’s no reason to cause an uproar or create political drama over someone’s need to pee.


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Jenn Guest WriterJenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate who’s just crazy enough to think she can change the world. Jenn shares her stories of surviving domestic violence, depression, and workplace bullying in hopes that it will help others cope and heal. She is the author of Dark Confession of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman, Dirty Secrets of the World’s Worst Employee, and Cottage Cheese Thighs. Website



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