Falling to Pieces through Comedy

Falling to PiecesAbout a week or so ago my friend Tommy Geraci and I went to the Kickstarter Film Festival in Brooklyn, but while we were enjoying the films, food, and atmosphere something amazing happened…we were approached by Cristina Marques about a film project called “Falling to Pieces” by Elisabeth Jamison and Chris Connolly. Soon after Elisabeth and Chris came over and we began to discuss the film and share a lovely conversation with these three incredible people. It is a short story about loss and grief, but with a comedic tone, which is something that I believe we all need during a time when we are going through tragedy and how it might change us.

It was such a treat to meet such passionate people with an exact mindset of drive for their project. It was more than evident on how dedicated they were about their project and filmmaking, which is what you want to see in the industry. It was a pleasant surprise to the evening that was already a wonderful experience. Meeting all of them was just another highlight to the night. I was more than happy to offer to do an interview and spread the word about this film, which touched me personally the more we all discussed it.

In learning more about the film as the night when on along with my own research after, I found that there were so much more to this project. In speaking with Elisabeth I learned of her blog where she not only discusses finding joy and balance, but her personal losses that she has endured in much more depth. I was able to relate a great deal to it and her writing as I am a writer myself and have written about my grief while trying to motivate and inspire others. I encourage all to please check it out here: Website

Please consider a donation to the film, check out the perks, and spread the word. Word of mouth is everything. Any amount helps, and to know you are a part of something so beautiful and unique is a great feeling to walk away with. You can also check the Facebook page for the film as well while liking and sharing it. Trust me, we all can relate to this film and the storyline in some way. See the official video and description for “Falling to Pieces” below:



Please enjoy this interview, as much as I have, with Elisabeth and getting to not only know her but learn about the film in detail.

Dana Jacoviello: Falling to Pieces is about loss and grief, but let’s talk about how this film came to life?

Elisabeth Jamison: After my father died, I was working non-stop, and realized that I needed to do something creative that wasn’t just supporting someone else’s vision. Because my father was my idol and my best friend, I had felt unmoored, like I had lost my bearings, so I wanted to tell the story of a woman who has lost her way. I reached out to all of my writer friends and asked if they had any pieces – short films or one-act plays that could work. Chris responded without a piece but with an idea… and it was the perfect fit: A young widow who seeks out her dead husband’s organ donor recipients and each meeting is worst than the last. Best of all, it would be a comedy. (and if you know me, there is NOTHING that I appreciate more than a good laugh… and when you are going through something sad – there is NOTHING more healing than laughter…. (and a glass of wine).

DJ: Did you and your team always have a passion for filmmaking or was it based on a certain motivation or inspiration for this particular story?

EJ: Chris and I have worked in entertainment for the last 15 years. His background is as a producer in indie films, and mine was as an actor / producer/casting director. We met on a TV series for MTV. We’ve worked together on and off for a decade, and we have both have always loved telling a story whether through films, TV, theater, writing, etc. In terms of this story being special, I don’t want to speak for Chris, but it is very special to me. Our character, Cassandra needs to meet these organ recipients to help find some peace about her husband’s death… for me, making this movie is my process of transforming grief into something beautiful.

DJ: I know this film is different in that you incorporated comedy into it, which I love. Why did you feel that was important aspect of the film?

EJ: There is nothing more boring or self-indulgent that watching someone FEEL their feelings. Death and grief come with all of this pain inherently … we didn’t feel like we needed to explore that more deeply. It wasn’t a story either one of us was interested in telling, but a story that explores the absurdity of life and death and one that makes you laugh and maybe even laugh at yourself in the process… yes. That is the story we wanted to tell.

Elisabeth Jamison and Chris Connolly

Elisabeth Jamison and Chris Connolly

DJ: I watched the videos on Kickstarter and can see the passion behind it. I was impressed on the amount of backers and what was raised so far. All seems to be going very well so far. Would you agree with that?

EJ: We are BEYOND thrilled by the level of support we have received. It is incredibly gratifying and humbling at the same time. To know that someone would open their wallet to support your vision and artistic journey because they believe in it & you, is a remarkable feeling. It is the exact opposite of the super connected yet lonely feeling of this digital age. We truly feel supported.

DJ: What would like to see happen with the message of this film and the film in general?

EJ: We’d love people to see it. We’d love people to laugh and see themselves in this journey and for anyone who has had a great loss in their lives, for it to lighten the load for 15 minutes. But first and foremost, we just really want people to SEE IT. and to that end, we’ll submit to all the big (and maybe small) festivals. 10495327_679923468724087_8382224578974716684_o

DJ: Where can people find information on the film on the web and in what ways can they help?

EJ: Everything about our film is on our Kickstarter page.

DJ: Though we have discussed a great deal about this amazing film, I want to know if there is anything you would like to add?

EJ: I want to tell the back story of this film from my perspective. My father died Aug 1st 2009. My mother died July 31st, 2013. I have lost friends and other family members over the last few years. There is a point when you just know that it is not normal to spend THAT much time in funeral parlors.. It was absurd and brutal.

And Chris had a front seat view… Chris was sitting next to me when I got the call at work that my father had cancer. He was with me on a job in Alaska when I got the call that my father had survived an agonizing 16 hour surgery. Chris hates to be touched. When I want to annoy him, like a little sister, I give him a big hug. HE HATES THAT. (It is hilarious) We were on a very difficult job (which my father insisted I go on) and I was waiting all day for news about my father. When I finally got the phone call that my dad was alive and through the surgery, I literally collapsed on the ground in relief. Chris walked over to me and scooped me up in his arms and held me while I wept. It is a moment that I will never forget. So this film was born of real experiences, real pain, real grief, and real friendship.

ONE OTHER THING: My mother had been a volunteer with Hospice but then was also a patient I just received an email from a woman who worked with my mother in Hospice. The woman had seen a scene from our film on our Kickstarter page and loved it. She was very interested in seeing the final piece and thought perhaps the film could be of use in the hospice world for continuing education of volunteers and staff. That blew me away. And I thought… “maybe we are on to something”.

We love the feedback and the FB likes and the retweets and the shares – those are all amazing.. Please share! Please tell your friends! But we are on Kickstarter because we need to raise this money in order to finish filming. If we don’t make our goal on Kickstarter, we won’t get ANY of the funding. We really need help to meet our $25k goal to keep this project going.

So PLEASE back our project. We will only get there with the help of others… ALSO – We JUST announce that Grammy Award Winning / multi-platinum producer Rob Fusari AKA 8Bit will be writing our theme song. SHAZAM! 😉

Interview done and written by Dana Jacoviello, Founder of Bullies Keep Out

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