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Message from Founder and CEO of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello:


What does BKO stand for? It stands for a cause I have recently began that advocates for many all forms of bullying and hate, LGBTQ, equality, domestic violence, suicide awareness, addiction, and mental health awareness. Bullies Keep Out is a social movement, and we need YOU to help us grow and expand to each out people worldwide. You do not have to be silent anymore. We are here to give you all of you a voice to be heard and to stand up and create a call to action. At

Bullying has become one of the most serious epidemics we are facing today. Yes, it can happen anywhere and at any age. Here we cater to ALL of you. Children, teens, and adults are welcome. We have also included a teacher and volunteer spot for discussion and prevention tips and posts. The more we are all involved, the better chance we have of making a difference. One area we want to stress here is cyber bullying. Since most of us spend our time on the computer and on social media sites. You would be amazed at things that are being said and taking place.

I do not want to be superwoman. I just want to be me. I felt I never had the outlet that I needed growing up and even into adulthood. I showed people what they wanted to see. They saw the outside of my life, which is what most of us show. We rarely let people all the way in the door to see the complete truth. We walk around thinking everybody has this amazing life and is so much better off compared to our own lives. Why are they so happy and I am feeling stuck? We are all stuck in one way or another. We all have problems. Never assume you think you know what goes on behind closed doors.

Cyber bullying is happening everyday. It can happen to anybody, and we can’t forget that is also happens to public figures as well. At times, it is taken to a very inappropriate stalker level and often it goes on for a long time until something is done about it. We do need to have a quicker response time. No matter what is said or the complaints that are filed, it seems the process takes longer then it should. People need to speak out and rise up! Don’t stay silent. Our voices need to be heard. Nobody deserves to be bullied or stalked. Sadly, it occurs on a daily basis. We preach about bullying, but yet what is being done about it on these sites where the majority of it is taking place. It doesn’t take much to set someone off these days.

Everybody is susceptible. I say this because I have seen in it occur day in and day out. Verbal abuse IS bullying. It can start out as innocent and quickly become something sick and possibly dangerous. The name calling and violent outbursts begin, which does not stop. Bullying can be mental, verbal, emotional, physical, or all of the above. There is sometimes a notion that it is just children and teens who suffer from bullying, but that is far from the truth. People in today’s society are extremely judgmental.

You can complain and block a person all you want however, they just change their information and come right back. We are a society of free speech, but I don’t think that should include attacking someone on a daily basis in every possible way. There has to be stricter rules and laws for cyber bullying. We have heard stories in the news of tragic cyber bullying that ended in tragedy. We CAN NO LONGER let that happen.

We come into this world not knowing what we are coming into. I am not looking to make a little splash. I am looking to make a huge splash. Little splashes eventually will lead to big waves one day at a time with the natural flow and order of things. Some of my friends have asked me why? Well, why not? There is so much good in this world that people do not see because of all the bad things that continue to take place around us. It seems that each time we turn on the television or our computers that we learn of some horrible news. I feel the same way. Unfortunately, we can’t escape it because we spend half our day on the internet.

Bullies Keep Out was created to join all in this fight. It will take time, but we must believe that more and more progress will be made as time goes on. We envision greatness here at BKO and would very much appreciate and be every so grateful for your help.

The next time you want to spread hate, hurt someone, or bully someone, remember that they will grow up never forgetting what you did or said. It only made them stronger to survive and show the world what they can become and do. They are the doctors that might save your life, the lawyers that might get you out of jail, the nurse who takes care of you, or the cop who gives you a break. Do not underestimate someone because you believe them to be weak. When you put yourself in their shoes just take a minute to see how you would feel. What would you do if someone was bullying your younger sibling or a friend? You might have a different take on being a bully.

Guess what, we are all special no matter who we are and what we do. You are
no more special than another because you are more successful. My greatest fans are the people I can trust, that I can rely on, that are real, and that stand behind me and beside me through thick and thin. Success to me is more than what we so often see on television. Success is surviving, happiness, love, friends, family, laughter, and a career you enjoy. It is not about big houses, expensive cars, a fat wallet, and who you know, or material possessions. The more we work harder to have those things, the more we can appreciate them. They were earned not just bought and paid for because we are able to do it. There is so much more satisfaction in that. Giving and living a life of service is one of the greatest gifts we posses.

Embrace that and love yourself. Believe you are destined for amazing things. You are loved by so many and are beautiful inside and out. Your journey is up to you and the path you choose to go down. Don’t let it be the wrong one.

Be kind and love one another.

Peace and love,

Dana Jacoviello

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