Written by Ciara Buck

Children are the world’s future, they are our future. Their minds are like sponges and they learn more than we think by watching, watching people like you and me. There is a difference in kids today and kids in prior years. That difference is not in us it’s in society, technology. Believe it or not the world runs on technology and kids run on social media. Social media and youth suicide are very much linked together. There have been many studies on this; a study that I recently read was about cyber bullying and the connection to suicide from it. In general youth who are bullied or who even bully others are at an elevated risk for suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completed suicides. In over all of the study 20% of the participants reported seriously thinking about attempting suicide, these were all middle school children. Traditional bullying victims were 1.7 times more likely and traditional bullying offenders were 2.1 more likely to attempt suicide. 1.9 victims of cyber bullying and 1.5 offenders of cyber-bullying were more likely. Not a single one of these numbers are ok. People cyber-bully without even realizing that they do so, be conscious of the words and phrases you use, this is over a text and not in person, humor or even compassion may not be seen or heard by the recipient. Social media is not all bad, but as that is said monitor it and make sure kids are using it for the right reasons. Share your knowledge and educate yourselves. Nothing is worth another life. Set the best example for kids, and lead our future.


Cyberbulling Research Summary – Sameer Hinduja


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