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DO YOU NEED HELP RIGHT NOW? Are you being cyber-bullied or harassed. Please contact for immediate attention. Please keep in mind we are NOT here to act as or replace a psychology professional, licensed/certified professional, counseling professional, or legal counsel. We are only here as mentors/coaches to offer help in any way we possibly can through personal experience and life experience. If you feel you need that type of help, please make sure you take the appropriate steps.


Dana Jacoviello: Bullies Keep Out Founder, CEO, Writer, Works in cyber bully/online Services, Motivational/public speaker and coach, and Host of La Bella Vita.

Bio: Dana is the Founder and CEO of Bullies Keep Out, activist, advocate, freelance writer, entertainment reporter, works in social media/PR/press/red carpets, podcast host, philanthropist, humanitarian, has a degree in psychology with minors in child development and criminal justice.

Dana also works as a mentor and coach in various arenas. She has a strong concentration on healing,  yoga, meditation, and helping others. She believes living a life of service is the greatest gift we can give another and ourselves. Dana has a big heart for volunteering, supporting, and giving back too many causes, as well as her own, and doing social good for humans and animals. Dana has a diverse background and enjoys a wide array of activities in New York City where she resides.


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Robert Rothschild: Bullies Keep Out Business Advisor and Accountant

Anna Labor

Anna Labor: Bullies Keep Out Graphic Artist/Web Designer  

Stacy Krugman: Bullies Keep Out PR, Events/Fundraising, and Social Media Marketing

Jenn Guest Writer

Jenn Sadai: Bullies Keep Out Guest Author


Shelly Rodriguez: Bullies Keep Out Assistant/Volunteer

Kendall Jordan: Bullies Keep Out LGBTQ+ Advisor/Mentor

Stephani Lindsey: Bullies Keep Out Research Assistant/Video Editor/Mentor

Stephanie Lapointe: Bullied Keep Out Feature Activist Writer/Mentor

Services offered

  • Motivational mentor/coaching
  • Timeline monitoring
  • Cyber bully services
  • Public Motivational Speaking
  • Events, fundraisers, Social Media/Media, Press, Red Carpets

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