Bulllying is No Laughing Matter with Mike Bocchetti


Actor, Comedian, Activist, and Bullies Keep Out Advocate Mike Bocchetti

Mike Bocchetti is an individual who has not only made amazing gains in the entertainment industry through acting and being a comedian, who most know from the Artie Lang show, but what some might be pleasantly surprised to know is that he is also a big advocate for bullying in all forms. I was so happy to connect with Mike through Bullies Keep Out when him and his partner Ken Burmeister reached out to me to collaborate on Tubby Man web series. They have not only become a great partner of Bullies Keep Out, but I am happy to call them friends as well.

Mike is a such a versatile individual, and is doing some incredible things if you follow him and his work on social media, which you can read about in this interview. He is extremely dedicated to making a mark in the world of activism, especially bullying and hate. Mike is a victim of bullying himself, so he speaking from a personal background.

I hope you all make sure to follow Mike and all his future endeavors.

Q&A with Mike Bocchetti

Dana Jacoviello: You are a big advocate for bullying, and knowing you, I know one reason is because you have dealt with it in your life. Tell me a little about your story?

Mike Bocchetti: I grew up in Staten Island, New York as the oldest of 5 kids. I was always a super shy and quiet kid. I was also always the fat kid.

DJ: Now you began an anti-bullying web-series, Tubby Man, which you happens to be how you and I connected when we partnered together, are you still filming this show or is it on hold right now?

MB: Right now Tubby Man in on hiatus due to me and Ken Burmeister having other projects, but we will also have to revamp Tubby Man due to all the weight I lost.

DJ: What are you future plans as far as advocating for bullying as far as your career as an actor, writer, comedian?

MB: My plans are to somehow work with young kids and let them know it’s okay to be yourself as long as you are not hurting yourself or other people. I would like to work with low income and troubled kids and be an advocate for.

DJ: Where can people find you on social media?

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and personal website:





DJ: What words of wisdom would you like to give those out there struggling with bullying and any other form of hate?

MB: I would tell people it’s okay to be different and be yourself as long as you are not hurting others or yourself. (see answer to question 4)

DJ: What are your thoughts on social media cyber bullying as this is becoming more and more of an issue not just within strangers and even friends, but celebrities as well. People have actually left Twitter due to all the negativity?

MB: I think the net should be a lot more responsible than it is with people posting anything they want on Facebook and Twitter. It really needs to clean itself up and be regulated more.

Interview by Writer/Interviewer and Founder, Manager, Cyber Bully Investigator, Mentor/Coach, and Host of La Bella Vita Podcast of Bullies Keep Out Dana Jacoviello

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