Bullied Celebrities: Celebrities Speak Out Against Cyberbullying


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Demi Lovato

“At the end of the day, no one deserves to be bullied. I was bullied and I had to leave public school because of it. When you deal with bullies, I think it’s important to have a confidant in your life. I have a friend that I go to and I just vent about everything to her!”


Kendall Jenner

“If I see something really nasty onTwitter, I will usually delete it or block the person because I don’t want to see that every day…Get to know me and then you can talk about me!”

Shay Mitchell

“I don’t take any negative comment that I hear to heart. I take it in and let it pass because those are just other peoples’ opinions. Regardless of what anyone else says, good or bad, it only matters how I feel and what I think.”

Liam Payne

“I was bullied by a few people that were older than me so I actually went to camp to learn boxing. My friend Martin who was a boxer taught me to just have confidence!”

Emma Roberts

“I’ve realized that you become a bully if you are just watching someone get bullied and you don’t say anything. Speak up!”

Brendan Dooling

“It’s easy to be mean when you’re anonymous. There’s a lot of people who wouldn’t have the cajones to say in person what they do online. But you can’t listen to somebody you don’t even know. Opinions of your friends and family matter, but you can’t listen to somebody who is nobody to you.”


Megan & Liz

Megan: “Bullies are mean because they’re insecure with themselves. It will get better!”

Liz: “Just be confident in yourself—what other people think doesn’t matter!”

Cher Lloyd

“It’s tough, and sometimes you feel like you can’t speak to someone about it. I just want to let teens know that it’s okay to talk about it.”


Cody Simpson

“I talk a lot about anti-bullying. I think it’s important to talk to a friend about it, or someone you can trust. Never feel alone!”

Lucy Hale

“My mom always told me growing up that anyone who is rude, mean, or bullying someone is dealing with their own battle at home or internally. That’s always been my mentality. For every bad thing that happens or nasty comment, there’s a really deep-rooted meaning behind it. It’s important to see the bigger picture and realize that person is dealing with something as well.”


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