BKO Celebrity Activism Series: Sean Maguire Stands Up And Happens to Things

Written by Stephanie Lapointe

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
― Leonardo da Vinci


We’re currently living in a challenging political climate where sitting back and being an observer is no longer an option. With the popularity of social media and blogging, more diverse experiences are being shared and we’re quickly learning of the breadth of injustice in our world. As a direct result, we’re seeing a rise in people standing up and becoming important voices in activism for change, especially celebrities who are given the platform to reach so many young followers through their work and on social media.


One of these celebrities is someone we know well at Bullies Keep OutSean Maguire. Although he is well known for his success as an actor, I imagine if Sean were asked to describe himself, he would start with “father”, “husband”, etc. And why is this important? Because so much of what Sean gets involved in and the issues he focuses on are inspired by the fact that he’s a dad. He wants the best possible future for his two boys, motivating him to learn about and share his views on a wide spectrum of issues that touch youth from the environment, gun control, refugees, women’s rights, poverty, mental health, etc. You can take a look at his Twitter to see just how much of an effort Sean makes to stay informed.


And what’s truly admirable about Sean is that his passion for the world to be safer and fairer has driven him to action. He doesn’t only sit back and passively share his views in hopes others will act. He passionately gets involved in any way he can, and by doing so, inspires so many of his young fans to do the same.

One of Sean’s most notable partnerships has been with Oxfam America – a global organization with the goal of ending poverty and injustice. Recently, Sean was so angry by the atrocities being ignored in Syria that he organized his first charity event, Comedy Not Conflict to raise money for refugees. Following this event, he traveled to Lesvos, Greece to visit one of the main refugee camps to learn about the reality of the Syrian (and global) refugee crisis. He shared the harsh experiences of these families with his fans as a call for help to put more attention on this global (and human) emergency.

Along with Sean’s partnership with Oxfam America, he used his voice when he marched in the 2017 Women’s March to protest the misogynistic and racist platform of Donald Trump, took part in March For Our Lives to demand gun reform in America, helped build a house for local veterans with Homes 4 Families to raise money for those struggling, and has taken part in many Bullies Keep Out awareness and fundraising projects since 2014 to help make our world a kinder and more open place.









With all of the effort he’s made over the past few years for change, I truly believe he’s becoming an important voice in the world of activism. He may have a larger platform because of his celebrity but, even without the fame, I believe Sean would be at these events, learning about the harsh realities of our world, and fighting in any way he can to make the future more hopeful for his boys. And that’s why this modern-day Robin Hood has inspired so many of his friends and fans to follow his lead. Because it’s genuine.

We’re very lucky to have him as an advocate for Bullies Keep Out. Keep your eyes open for some exciting future projects with this incredible guy.

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