An In-Depth Look with Actress Cali T. Rossen

Actress, film maker, and ambassador Cali T. Rossen of BKO

Actress, film maker, and ambassador Cali T. Rossen of BKO

I have recently had the pleasure of connecting with an amazing woman. She is an actress, a film maker, and an ambassador. Cali has many talents and skills not limited to just the entertainment world. She is a woman of many facets. She has had multiple roles in both television and film. Cali T. Rossen is a woman of many traits as you will see. I have recently spoken with Cali and glad to call her a friend. She is one of the most down to earth and honest people in LA. It was like talking to someone that I have spoken to many times over and have known for years rather than a short period of time. She has recently become one of BKO’s aka Bullies Keep Out top supporters. We are very grateful and appreciate to all of her work she has done with us and for us. We are proud to have her on our team and in our corner. Cali T. Rossen is definitely someone you want in your corner.

In introducing you to Cali and to learn more about her, I decided to get a bit personal.

Q. So I know you’re an actress, but tell me a little bit more of what you do besides that and your charity work or causes that you are involved in?

A. Yes, I began my journey as a professional actress in the mid- 90’s, wear many other hats (as the saying goes), and contribute too many charities. My many hats are like spices, they add so many flavors to my life & I savor them. Among the other things I do besides acting; I am a registered dental hygienist practicing one day a week in Sherman Oaks, CA for Healthy Smiles Dental Office. I am an acrylic painter (working on a piece now titled, “Dancing cheek to cheek”), a make up artist (most recent for a Bongiovi Pasta Sauce commercial – Jon Bon Jovi’s family recipe – I’ve tried the sauce and Yum, it’s truly home made taste!!), sing (sang on Life Notes Edutainment’s song CHARACTER’S WHAT YOU DO & also singing a duet with Richard Bailey, BEYOND AMAZING (GOD) that will be on an album and be a single, filmmaker (see IMDB), direct & edit (see Vimeo), garden (growing tomatoes, peppers and flowers), and learning to play the guitar (have a Baby Taylor & an electric Fender). I love to learn new things, and I’m currently taking an adobe premiere editing course to broaden my filmmaking abilities.

In regards to the charities/organizations I’ve been so honored to assist with are:

DREAM REACH: 1996 our team of 5 had a goal to make 3 dreams come true – a terminally ill child, an underprivileged child, and a senior citizen. We met our goals and more than that Bank of America took on supporting the dreams of all the people living in the nursing home in Dallas, TX.

PASSION & PARTNERSHIP: 2000 & 2001 our team mission was to raise awareness and funds for 5 charities in Dallas, TX. The Hard Rock Café donated their restaurant & the food. We had 5 bands, a silent auction and a fashion show. We had 300+ guests and it was a huge success.

OC107 EXCHANGE CLUB: 2012 our team of 18 had a goal to raise $20K+, beautify the facility and deliver goods and services. We gave them a check for $24K, landscaped their grounds, and delivered food and supplies that filled a U-Haul truck in Downey, CA.

CHARITABLE ENDOWMENT SUPPORT: 2012 our team has a dream to build an orphanage in Cebu, Philippines. The first annual dinner & dance was Sept. 2012 with 150+ guests. I filmed and edited a promotional video for the event and the website. My husband Chris donated a website with a community portal so their members can communicate.

LIFE NOTES EDUTAINMENT: 2012-2013 LifeNotes Edutainment is a series of music-based, child-enrichment lessons for teachers and parents of young children. The program includes vital topics such as child safety, character-building and life-skills. Each topic, accompanying lyric sheet and parent/teacher guide is based upon an up-beat, contemporary-sounding song whose lyrics explain the subject and are easy for children to learn and remember. Our team is dedicated to making music for children that teaches life lessons. They currently have a crowd funding campaign going on: Only a few days left as of 7.26.13 I directed and produced the promotional video for the campaign. WWW.LIFENOTESED.COM

PLAYGROUND OF DREAMS: 2012-2013 Playground of Dreams is a multi-cultural coalition of kid leaders committed to being a united stand for love, joy, and freedom in their own neighborhoods and throughout the world. I support their fundraising and events. WWW.PLAYGROUNDOFDREAMS.ORG

UNSTOPPABLE: 2012 Unstoppable Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization bringing sustainable education to children and communities in developing countries thereby creating a safer and more just world for everyone. I support their fundraising and events.

SAVE THE CHILDREN OF TIBET: A WORLDWIDE HUMANITARIAN APPEAL TO SAVE THE CHILDREN REFUGEES SEPT 29, 2013 IN LOS ANGELES the primary objective of this project is to bring together a cohesive and worldwide network of sponsors, donors and volunteers in an effort to raise the funds for the construction of a residential facility which will house and eventually educate more than 200 refugee and orphan children and their caregivers and educators. Children refugees often suffer from handicaps or injuries throughout their treacherous journey. The funds raised for this project will ensure that these children receive the care they require.
They began building an orphanage in 2009 and will be complete by Dec. 2013.
I am organizing a benefit to raise awareness & funds for this project. It’s to be held in Los Angeles, CA Sept. 29, 2013.
ANY ASSISTANCE IS WELCOMED. Please contact Cali T. Rossen directly at

BULLIES KEEP OUT: 2013 A social media extravaganza catering to anti-bullying prevention and intervention through every avenue at our disposal. I have committed to creating awareness and a promo video. The performance benefitting Save the Children of Tibet Sept 29, 2013 in Los Angeles will be themed with an Anti-Bully message. WWW.BULLIESKEEPOUT.COM

Q. Why are you so passionate about these causes/organizations?

A. I’m passionate about charities that assist children in being supported in living wonderful lives. Children need guidance and love, and have unlimited potential. It’s imperative that children’s gifts be nurtured and that resources are provided to grow these gifts.

Q. Why do you feel it is so important to give back?

A. I believe giving is vital to a thriving society because the act of giving creates abundance. Giving back is not only good for the receiver, but for the giver. It’s a dynamic system that produces a magical realm of unlimited potential for all. I imagine our world in a state of abundance and everyone’s dreams are fulfilled.

Q. Besides acting what other hobbies do you enjoy?

A. I love to sing & play the guitar because it’s spontaneous, uplifting, and deeply enjoyable to my soul. I love to travel. I get to meet new people, discover new traditions & cultures, and see & experience new things. I love food; learning to cook a new dish, taste a new flavor, & indulge in different dishes. I love to read; it gives me a sense of another way of thinking, has my imagination soar, and I love to learn new things. I love communicating with people; it opens up my heart & mind, gives me a different point of view, and I believe it expands our consciousness. I love to learn new things; whether it is science, psychology, ontology, quantum physics, etc. It gives me a passion for life. I love fashion; it’s a way to express myself in a non-verbal way, and it’s a vast way to play & bring joy to me & others.

Q. What is your feeling on the bullying situation?

A. My feeling about bullying in general is that the bully has a lack of love & acknowledgment in their life. I believe someone bullies for attention and for a false sense of power. Someone who is bullying is dealing with many struggles and pains, and is lashing out. It’s the only way they know how to connect; although, ultimately it pushes the other person away. It’s a destructive way to connect, and it needs to be addressed.

This situation needs addressing by the masses. The bully needs to be acknowledged somehow, because they are insecure & out of control. The bully needs to be heard. What is their pain about? They are inflicting their pain onto others.

My feeling is that people who bully seem to be unaware of the deep effects they are causing, for themselves as well as on their victim. It’s a vicious cycle of sorts, the bully feels bad, so he attempts to make someone else feel bad, which eventually has the bully feel even worse inside because of their actions.

Bullying is karmic as well. I believe karma is real & it is basically that “you get what you give”. So when you give someone a hard time, you ultimately have a hard time in your own life and vice versa. When you give someone love, you ultimately have love in your life. Just smile at someone and see them reflect that smile back . . . it’s not always100%, but it is very close. Give it a try. . .without strings or expectations. . .give. . .without wanting anything in return. . .it’s a delightful & spontaneous way to live. It’s truly magical.

Q. Have you ever been bullied?

A. Yes, I’ve been bullied . . . many times. There are times I’ve ignored it, and what I’ve found is that when I just acknowledged the bully by saying in a calm manner “You are bullying me” the person stops and apologizes. When I acted in defense it made it worse.

Bullying from my childhood has held me back from pursuing something I most love to do: to sing. I’m just now in my life overcoming the affects of what bullying has had in my life. There was a time I did not laugh out loud. I would laugh without the sound of laughter coming out for fear I would be bullied some how. I was scared to put myself in any situation where I would be made fun of, shunned, or yelled at. My self expression was stifled, and I would not express myself fully. Holding in my true self led to feeling angry a lot, holding it in, and then blowing up over trivial things.

I am committed to being a courageous, loving and free woman. I now express myself, ask for what I want, do what I want, and if someone does not “approve” or “bullies” me, I notice it, but do not let it run my life. I control how I behave and think, and I am incredibly happy that I get to choose my life. I am extremely grateful for my family, friends, talents, and abilities, and I pray for grace for what I’ve been given.

Q. Do you know anybody who has ever been bullied?

A. Yes, my Sister and a good friend. I see the effects bullying has had on their life. Being bullied can either make you stronger or can tear you down. This way of being is very destructive to everyone who is in the path. Let’s start building & pulling each other UP!

Q. From a Hollywood or actress standpoint…how do you feel about articles, news or attacks on social media that happen daily?

A. I’m sad and disappointed in people who bully people in Hollywood for making their dreams come true. It is hard work, and I don’t think people realize the dedication artists put into their work. These so called over night successes have been working many many years before their big breaks. LUCK is when opportunity meets PREPARATION. These lucky people have prepared/worked long and hard to make it. We all have insecurities, and we move through them.

Q. Have you ever had experience of harassment on social media?

A. Thank the heavens no harassment on social media. I pray it stays that way. In person, I have had a couple of experiences, and I know that these people are angry with their own lives. I pray something good happens for them so they can smile.

Q. Many have died for being of diff race color religion sexual orientation. What are your thoughts and feelings?

A. I don’t know where it all started. “My skin color and/or sexual orientation are better than yours”, “your wrong & this is right”. It is a generational conversation I believe we can transform.

I grew up in a family that was predominately Filipino, skin a bit darker than most white people, but lighter than blacks. I saw how people treated my mother and as a child I was confused & curious about this. As an adult looking back…I feel sad about the pain my mother must have endured and still may harbor today.

I recently read some where that people need to be titillated by something to give them a jolt of energy. I believe people create drama to get stimulation in their lives because ultimately they don’t know how else to create/generate passion or energy. Maybe we need to teach classes on Generating, Creating, and having Passion in one’s life. We are taught many subjects, but not how to truly live a happy life. We learn facts…and this can be boring.

Q. Do you support LGBT?

A. Yes, I support the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgendered population.

I am not sure if this exists yet, but I call myself a Butian (pronounced Boo – shen). A Buddhist/Christian.

Buddhism explains a purpose to life, it explains apparent injustice and inequality around the world and it provides a code of practice or way of life that leads to true happiness.

Christian is a belief in God, the Father all mighty, and maker of Heaven & Earth. I believe in the son, Jesus, who died for our sins, and the Holy Spirit, who was raised from the dead.

Q. So many people look up to those in Hollywood do you feel it helps more when they are involved in causes or campaigns?

A. Many people look up to people in Hollywood no matter what they seem to be involved in. I hope I can make a difference for people, by showing them how they can live a life they have always dreamed of.

Q. Do you feel this is a problem more so in schools or on social media? Some feel cyber bullying is taking precedent.

A. I feel the problem exists in so many arenas such as in school, households and businesses. When a person is not physically around a person they want to bully, they take to being on social media to bully. A bully will bully when ever they feel the need to.

Q. Do you believe in teaching children to defend themselves or does that just add more violence?

A. I believe teaching to defend oneself is not always physical. Teach a child to be strong inside, show them love, tell them how great they are doing, & how proud you are when they do something positive. Children need guidance, and shown how to respect themselves & not be concerned with someone else’s opinion of them. Does the child feel good about themselves? If not, find out what can be done to transform that thinking. Lift up a child, let them know you are there for them, find out what their dreams are, and help them achieve it.

Q. What do you have to say to victims or bystanders of bullying?

A. My heart feels for you. I understand the pain it can cause, and we need to be strong and continue to follow our gifts. This is the greatest triumph. Like Less Brown says, “Don’t let other people’s opinions of you become your reality”. This quote has helped me through some tough times.

Q. Do you have any advice or wisdom to share about bullying?

A. This too shall pass. Pray for the bully and stay away from the bully. If you can’t, get a mediator and witnesses & be a stand that the bullying stops.

Q. Would you like to add anything? Also list all your sites and where people can find you and what you do.

A. Thank you for reading about my life, and my thoughts on the subject of bullying. If you’d like to reach out, please do not hesitate!
Official site: She knocks your lights on!
Please like my page @

I want to thank Mrs. Cali T. Rossen for her time. It was an amazing experience to speak with her and delve into this arena that so desperately needs attention. Cali T. Rossen is someone to keep your eye on and her plethora of other work in the film and television industry. Please check out some of her other causes and lend a hand in any way that you can. Cali is definitely making her mark in this world in every way possible, which is what we all should be doing. You do not need to be in Hollywood to make a difference. Every voice counts and will be heard. Stay tuned for more to come for Cali and her work with Bullies Keep Out. We will soon be adding photos and video from the actress and film maker. Stand up and speak out. #Bullieskeepout #BKO #Antibullying

Please look for more amazing interviews with an incredible line up that BKO has for you including more videos and photos.

Interview by Dana Jacoviello, Creator, Manager, cyber bully investigator, and writer of BKO. Dana also works as a motivational mentor/coach.

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