Actress Crystal Lowe Speaks Out

Actress, Producer, and BKO Supporter Crystal Lowe

Actress, Producer, and BKO Supporter Crystal Lowe

Crystal Lowe is a Canadian born actress who at a young age began modeling competitions and has appeared on a variety of magazine covers. Crystal’s actress credits are numerous including Final Destination 3, Snakes on a Plan, Black Christmas remake, and much more. Crystal also has various credits in plays and is a fast-growing beauty in the entertainment world.

Recently I was able to catch up with the wonderful Actress and Producer Crystal Lowe, as she is a new supporter to BKO (Bullies Keep Out), and discuss the impact of bullying with her. Crystal is a beautiful soul and a welcome addition to Bullies Keep Out.

Q&A with Actress Crystal Lowe:

Q. Why did you find it important to lend your voice to Bullies Keep Out?

A. I feel that it is so important for people to speak out on this issue. Bullies survive in every race and culture, and the effect on the victim is always the same. I am fortunate enough to have people willing to listen

Q. Have you ever been bullied or known someone to be bullied? If so, was it in the past or present?

A. I have been bullied in my youth and I know a ton of people who have had to deal with it as well, high school is often a very scary place and time.

Q. How do you feel about the bullying situation?

A. It saddens me and scares me. I want to bring children into this world and it is so scary to think that because of bullying they could think of themselves badly or as worthless. I think so much of bullying stems from what the child is dealing with at home or otherwise and we need to address the bully as well as the victim and find out what is making them feel the need to take out their anger or frustration on others.

Q. As an actress, do how do you feel when it happens to public figures?

A. Recently, and a few other times, I have seen people actually leave Twitter due to bullying or cruel comments. Sometimes its extremely tough. When you are put in the spotlight you often receive a lot of perks, and because of that people tend to feel that as though its than justified to take out their feeling of anger on you. Being in the public eye doesn’t make you an alien who stops feeling. The majority of people in my industry are hyper sensitive, which is why they are able to access emotion on demand, so hearing constant negative comments can really affect how you feel about yourself…even if they are coming from a person that has never actually met or spoken to you personally.

Q. Do you feel that social media is doing enough with the cyber bullying situation or are they overwhelmed?

A. I think social media is a blessing and a curse. I have been able to speak with the most amazing fans and really connect with people who I would never been able to before, but on the flip side I feel that hiding behind a computer can often make you lose sensitivity to how you make people feel. I think that there has been effort as of late to stop cyber bullying, but we, the users, can make huge changes by just monitoring our own behavior and leading by example.

Q. How do you feel about the schools? Do you feel it should be a law to have full-fledged bullying programs and make it part of the curriculum?

A. School is where most of the bullying seems to start. It’s the only time you are no longer monitored by your parents and you have navigate social situations. I absolutely believe that we should have programs dedicated to students about bullying and helping them understand why a bully behaves the way that they do.

Q. Many people blame the parents of bullies. What are your thoughts on the matter?

A. I believe that it stems from somewhere. It is not always necessarily the home, but I do believe that to stop bullying we need to work with the bully’s just as much as the victim. I believe that often if a teenager or child feels the need to bully, then there is a feeling of no control in their lives which is why they need to feel strong in other ways.  We must address why the bully is feeling out of control and give them tips on how to cope with it in other ways.

Q. Do you feel television shows or commentary that are used to make fun of people such as best dressed and worse dressed are seen as an outlet or excuse to bully?

A. I know many feel that we preach how to treat each other with kindness yet promote and laugh at shows that do the complete opposite.

Q. How would you recommend handling harassment or bullying?

A. Talk to people, don’t feel ashamed or scared. Talk to people who love you. Talking about things can make a world of difference, and you will be shocked at how many people will rally around you. Talking is a gift not to be wasted.

Q. Many have sadly taken their life for being different such as race, religion, or sexual orientation. What is your opinion on this, and are you a supporter of the LGBT community?

A. I am s HUGE supporter of the LGBT . If you are not hurting anyone and you are a good human being, then I am one hundred percent on your side and I fully support your personal choices.

Q. Do you have any personal advice or wisdom to share about bullying?

A. Life is ever-changing, who you are today is not who you will be tomorrow or next year or ten years from now. If you are unhappy with how you are being treated, you have the power to change it. You are strong and resilient and those people who are bothering you now will mean nothing to you soon. Never stay in a place that makes you feels bullied or small, surround yourself with people who make you feel good and strong and don’t stop looking for those people until you find them because they are out there.

You can find Crystal Lowe on Twitter @RealCrystalLowe and also please watch her on the new Hallmark Channel show Signed, Sealed, Delivered, which will be premiering in April.  Crystal is one to watch for. You can find more of Crystals work at

Written by Dana Jacoviello: Founder, Manager, Writer, Cyber Bully Investigator, & Motivational speaker mentor/coach of BKO (Bullies Keep Out) and host of La Bella Vita podcast

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