A Story of Courage and Hope

La Bella Vita (The Beautiful Life) Presents: A Story of Courage and Hope – Meet Jen

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Jen is 33 years old, and has worked for the same company for 12 years. When she is not at work she is home reading, writing, and working within the community known as The Ugly Ducklings. She is constantly doing her best to get involved and advocate for various causes. She feels privileged to be part of something that can become even bigger and more amazing than it already is.


Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with a friend about her story she posted for the community/project Ugly Ducklings, Inc. about self bullying. I decided to do a podcast with her because I was going to touch on the subject of self bullying myself with Bullies Keep Out. I am always looking for amazing stories and people who want to speak out. Jen is certainly not afraid to do this as she once was in the past. I love that about her. We always need to be talking and spreading awareness. I believe Jen is doing this by being so brave to tell her story.

Self bullying is something I believe most of us do not realize we do to ourselves. There are so many forms of bullying that exist out there, but most probably associate it with schools and children. There is bullying everywhere and by all ages. I have been saying since day one that bullying has no limits. It comes in the form of addictions, domestic violence, discrimination, harassment, stalking, many forms of abuse, and so on and so forth. Anything or any person can be a bully and we are no exception when it comes to our own well-being. Think about how many times you have beaten yourself up and spun out of control. Think about how many times you have called yourself names or been depressed and got really down on yourself. Think about the last time you said I need a drink or a smoke when you were stressed, angry, or upset. These are all things that we do  necessarily need. It becomes a dangerous habit…much like an addiction. There might be different names and categories for it all, but it all comes down to many of the same traits and characteristics that are involved.

You can find Jen on Twitter: @JLeigh1780

Be kind…LOVE BIG

Podcast by Dana Jacoviello

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