A Chat with Once Upon A Time’s Faustino DiBauda

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I recently had the pleasure to chat with actor Faustino DiBauda from the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time, who plays sleepy of the seven dwarves. Faustino also recently became a Bullies Keep Out advocate/supporter to join some of the other cast members and crew that have become advocates or supporters as well.

We had a very in-depth discussion about the causes that BKO encompasses that has become such an epidemic both on and offline. Faustino brought some incredible thoughts to the table. He was extremely passionate about bullying and hate in any form. What I loved about this conversation is that it was real and raw, which is what I try to do with my advocates. La Bella Vita is about personal discussion and chatting as if we were all sitting at a dinner table together.

You will also get some laughs in the mix, as there has to be humor thrown into my discussions for all of you that have heard me speak or listen to my interviews and podcasts. You can expect some more from Faustino soon as we have some great content with other surprise guests involved that we are working on, and he will be working on a PSA as well for BKO.

I hope you all enjoy our chat, and if you have any questions that you would like to ask Faustino for our next group chat, please email them to me at bullieskeepout@gmail.com. I will keep you informed of other guests so you can send in your questions for them as well.

Interview by: Founder Dana Jacoviello 

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