12 Steps to Maintaining A Positive Mind

Written by Dana Jacoviello

Life is not always easy. It is probably anything but; however, we always can choose to take a more positive outlook. We do have a choice. We can choose to keep a negative frame of mind or we can choose to  try to see the best in what life throws at us. In something bad there always comes good. If you look deeper at situations, you will see. It took me a while to notice things when something bad happened to me. I tended to dwell on the negative to the point of spinning an uncontrollable web.

Life has so many beautiful moments that we forget to take in cause we are so consumed with everything else around us that we do not take the time as we should to breathe in the fresh air. We are busy running around trying to make life happen, rather than sometimes letting it come to us.

Sometimes we need to be patient, positive, and have faith. We do not always need to chase life around. At the right moment things happen.

Now, I know in saying that it seems simple. We all know that is not always the case. It takes work and practice. There are tools one can use. To be honest, I have had plenty moments of negativity that took me some time to pull out of when it continues to come at you 100 miles per hour.

Start your day positive and the rest shall follow. That is what I tell myself when I get up every single morning. We tend to lean more towards complaining right off the bat at times. I am tired, I don’t want to go to work, I don’t eel good, and blah blah blah. We complain about simple things that some people wish they were able to do. Some do not have a warm bed to wake up in or a job to go to.

It can quickly become a bad habit to get stuck in, but if we work and put in effort to maintaining positivity, even in the hardest of times, we can create a beautiful outcome. The mind is a powerful tool.

What we put out into the world comes back to us. The more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy you get back, and vice versa. You can be right, or you can be happy.

Practice these steps to maintain a positive mind, and I can almost guarantee your mind will no longer lean towards the negative thoughts or phrases we so nonchalantly say or think of without a second thought.



Even through the cracks, light always can shine through

Know you are not alone – Let’s be honest, there will always be something negative in our lives. Nobody has the perfect life. No matter how much you think you might see from an outside window through social media. The truth of the matter is, you only see what people want you to see. People rarely are going to share their struggles or pain. You would be surprised how many people are in the same boat as you. Do not feel alone, because you are anything but

Do Not Focus on the Negative Things – We tend to put our focus on our problems, rather than what is good in our life. There is always something good and something to be grateful for. The energy you surround your mind with and put out is what you will get back. The more you focus on the positive, the outcomes will slowly change. It’s like when you start your day off dropping your cup of coffee all over you. Cliché, I know, but our first instinct is to say, “This is going to be a crappy day.” Change that mentality and chalk it up to you had an accident. Do not ruin the rest of your day over a dropped cup of coffee. Turn it around. Change your shirt or wipe it down and move on.

Laugh More – We do not laugh enough at things. It is ok to laugh. Even when we are sad or angry we need to laugh. We tend to hold it in as we want to hold onto that sadness or anger, but the best thing to do in those situations is let others cheer you up. Let them make you laugh. If something is funny, let it out. Do not hold it in. I have found in the past that when I laughed, it made me feel better. That thing keeping you down might not go away that moment, but it sure will help to laugh while you are going through it. It seems inappropriate, but it isn’t. It is what helps us feel better in a moment of chaos. That is why you hear so many people say, “I needed that.”


Have Faith – The best thing to hold onto his hope and faith that everything will work out as it should. It might not always work out to our satisfaction or the exact way we wanted it to; however, it worked out as it was meant to. There is a lesson to be learned there. There always is. Be open to learning that lesson. If you have little to no faith in anything, you relinquish your hope as well. When hope is gone, you feel as if you are drowning. Keeping it alive, will keep you pushing forward. It will help you get back up when you fall. If you choose to be pessimistic, then you will fail to see the outcome might actually be more beneficial than you originally perceived it to be.


Spend Quality Time with Friends – There is nothing like taking your mind off of things by hanging with your support group that is loyal and you can always count on. Friends who are always there to listen and give you the truth, without sugar coating it. You can lean on them. You can cry with them or laugh with them. The more you release your emotions and are surrounding yourself with good and positive people, this will rub off on you. You will walk away with a smile and filled heart. I promise. Surround yourself with people who want to lift you up, but at the same time will be straight with you. Honesty is the best way to knowing the course you need to take.

Have an Open Mind – Keep your mind open to possibilities. You never know what is actually coming until it comes. Good or bad, embrace it, own it, and deal with it. Having an open mind allows you to see more clearly. You can see things from different angles, rather than just black and white. There is always a gray area to be seen. If you are cut off truly looking at things with your eyes wide open, you will only see things down a very narrow path.

Worry Less – Why worry until you have to worry? I know this is a hard concept. I, myself, used to worry relentlessly until I was in panic mode. It does nothing but cause anxiety. We drive ourselves insane and into overdrive, and many of times what we worry about never ends up happening…or it is not as bad as we thought. How many times did you create an entire scenario that never took place? Ask yourself that. You might realize it was much more than you realized.

Stress Less – This goes hand in hand with worry less. So many times we say, “I am so stressed.” We tend to stress about everything these days. It fogs the mind. It prevents us from being positive or have positive thoughts. We must go with the ebbs and flows. Granted, there are times we need to stress. Some situations call for it, but let’s be honest, human nature is to stress about every little thing. If we do that, it not only affects our health, but our peace of mind. It is a tall order, but it can be done. I found many of times I was stressing hard over small things that would eventually work itself out. We also tend to do unhealthy things when we stress. All this coupled together creates a negative mind. We begin to spin a web of destruction and scenarios in our head that did not even happen yet. We then get stuck in that mentality as a force of habit.

Meditate and Do Yoga – I found this to be my saving grace. At one point in time I laughed at the thought of sitting and chanting. I found out that meditation and yoga is much more than that. In fact, it really isn’t sitting and chanting. It is about clearing the mind and finding that space for you to think. It is exercise. It is healthy. I go for hikes often and do my meditation there. It is good for the soul and mind. Meditation and yoga create positivity in the way that it not only relaxes you, but it drains away all that negativity to make way for a positivity mindset…if you allow it. Most of the time our negative thinking is because our mind is chaotic. This will help you unclog the mind to start fresh. I recommend 15 minutes out of each day. It will do wonders. Always be willing to try something new if you have yet to do so. I never thought I would be so in love with the concept of meditation and yoga until I tried it for the first time and saw the power held.


Eat Healthy – What we put into our bodies plays a big role on how we feel, how we act, and how we think. If we are constantly eating junk and things that are not good for us, it can easily influence how we think. Keeping our bodies nourished with the right foods help keep our bodies maintained. Foods are good for the mind and body.


Sleep More – Sleep, again, goes hand in hand with eating healthy. These days we are all so busy working and trying to reach our goals and be successful that we forget we need to sleep to keep ourselves going. When we are tired, our mind is tired. When our mind is tired, we are no good to anybody else or ourselves. The less and less sleep we get, the more our mind is deprived of functioning properly. Sleep is very important to keep us on our toes. Lack of sleep can very easily send us into a dark mood, angry mood, and depressive mood. Get those z’s.


Do Not Let Anybody Steal Your Happiness Away – We always have a choice in life. We can choose to let people take our happiness away, or we can choose to see that a negative or toxic person might just be trying to bring you down with them. Not all negative or toxic people are bad. In fact, they are most likely struggling and are lost. That being said, some people are the opposite. If they are not happy, they do not want to see others happy. That is when you know the difference between the right people in your life. A person who cares will want to see you happy and succeed. If you are sad, they will want to make you feel better and lift you up. Never relinquish that power or control to someone.


Set your mind free from the trappings of negativity. Life is so much more fulfilling seeing it from a different perspective.



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